Episode 18: It’s Been A Lange Week

Welcome to Episode 18 of Tenn & Two Everyone!

Kat is fighting off a bit of a cold so bear with her raspy voice. We hope that it wasn’t sent over by Rick from Scottish Watches, who we just got off the phone with as well as a fun video interview with Bark & Jack. There’s a lot of excitement going on so make sure that you stay tuned for updates.


Wrist Watch Check

Kat has her Polar Explorer II on the new Bark & Jack tan strap. It looks absolutely phenomenal and the color really brings out the color of the lume. Y’all, we cannot say enough about these straps. They are incredibly soft and comfortable and form so greatly to the wrist. We get into a bit of photography talk, and once again, we recommend you check out our friend @stuffandwatches as he does some great photography tutorials on his Instagram page. To no ones surprise, Katlen is wearing the Worn & Wound Stowa. But just a little change up as it’s on a new grey strap.



Wind Up Watch Fair

Wind Up  Watch Fair is going on right now and the FOMO is real! We absolutely love the photos and videos that are coming out lately. It looks like so much fun and we are determined to go next year. Some of our favorite highlights that we have seen include the new Oak and Oscar Olmstead and the sneak peaks of the new Nodus Sector Field which is still not announced officially but seems like It will be incredibly cool. The new Farer worldtimer looks absolutely stunning, especially for the price point on such a cool complication. All the way from Scotland is anOrdain with their new fume enamel dials and they are just stunning.




A. Lange & Söhne Introduces Odysseus

The first new release has to be the biggest of this week. Lange has been talking about a steel sports watch for some time, and here it is…but is it a sports watch? Let’s start with the good which is the dial. It is absolutely phenomenal and everything that you expect out of the brand. No detail was spared in the finishing but it very much so looks like a typical Lange and is a dress watch style. Really, that’s about all the nice things we have to say. The case has these pushers that are asymmetrical and remind Katlen of the Seiko Ripley watch, added with the “lug nut” design of the crown. Then there’s the bracelet which awkwardly tapers into the case, making it look like there are corners which just looks weird.

We have to give them a bit of credit, as they have done something that is totally different than anything else. With all the criticism, we are sure that the watch will be high in demand and we will see waitlists. There isn’t going to be a large supply of these peices. Check out their website for more information about the watch.



The Christopher Ward C60 Abyss

Ok, maybe it’s our new craving for an all black watch, but we like this. Kat brings up her conccerns of legibility as it is really all black. It’s a tool watch for sure, but just has a really cool look to it especially with the pop of red. 42mm and DLC coated, we were both quite surprised by the $850 price as it is cheaper than several of the other Trident pieces. Thankfully the all black dial hides the logo which is still at the 9:00 along with the flag logo at 12.

Kat brings up the fact that they offer engraving so we get into a bit of a discussion about our feelings on engraving watches. Forgive us for our use of the phrase “cute and adorable”.

Overall, Christopher Ward is doing some great things this year (if only they could get their logo straightened out).

You can find the new Abyss here!



Oris Introduces a Limited Edition Piece in Honor of Jazz Drummer Art Blakey

Honestly, neither of us are overly aware of Art Blakey but were intrigues to see that this isn’t the first Oris piece to honor musicians of the past. The watch is designed to look just like a drum, which was quite a surprise because without knowing this, you wouldn’t have really thought about it. It is subtle, clean, and sexy with a very simple design. At $2,100, it is priced well for Oris and is limited to 1,000 pieces. See more information by heading over to the Oris website.



Andy Mann Zodiac Limited Edition

Adding to their Super Sea Wolf 68 collection, Zodiac has partnered with Andy Mann who is a huge supporter of saving the oceanic white tip shark in the Bahamas. While this may not be our personal favorite as far as overall design, the cause is definitely something that we can get behind. And the presentation box this thing comes in is absolutely next level. Which gets Katlen thinking of a video she had seen of the guys at Clockbait picking at the Omega Moonwatch box.

But back to this watch, every little detail has been thought out for a diver. The dial is even called “God’s light” which is the color diver’s refer to when looking up at the surface from underwater. We start talking about a new bracelet that we had seen posted during wind up where you don’t even need a tool to adjust any of the sizing. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more to come with this kind of technology.



Could There Be A New Batman In Town?

There’s a rumor going around and there seems to be a bit of proof behind it. Our friend @Socalwatchreviews who has a YouTube channel and Podcast sent us over a link to a French website that is shoeing pre-orders for a new Q Timex. This time, it’s automatic AND it’s Batman! This seems pretty real even though Timex hasn’t announced anything about it. Allegedly they will release next January. We talk about how smart Timex is as they’ve taken an already popular watch and added a more reputable movement.



New California Leather Law

Something that has happened and no one is talking about was sent to us from @nathaliewheldonCalifornia has just passed legislation that adds alligator and crocodile skins to the list of prohibited materials for sale/trade in the state. Honestly, we are so confused that as to why these are being classified as “endangered goods”. While it may not seem like a big deal at first, you have to consider all of the strap makers based out of California that now cannot use some of the most common materials. Plus the fact that watches cannot be sold on these materials either which has huge reprecussions for jewelers and boutiques, as well as for consumers. The legislation goes into affect on January 1, 2020. We are most definitely advocates of protecting endangered wildlife, but this seems a little dramatic. It looks like brands are going to have to start branching out in their material use.

Check out the legislation here. 

*Editors Note – Katlen spoke with Nathalie and they are storing their leather in another state so that they can sell them during trade shows outside of California. Very curious as to what is going to happen in the future.


Well, that’s all guys! Thanks for listening and we’ll chat soon.

Kat and Katlen

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