Episode 17: Halloween Fun

Welcome to Episode 17 of Tenn & Two Y’all!

Today we plan on just having a bit of fun and celebrating Halloween on our Q&A episode. So kick back, relax, and let’s have some fun…


Wrist Watch Check

Well, it looks like Kat forgot to put on a watch this evening after getting home from work and changing. So, we ask what she wore earlier today and her answer was the Speedmaster Reduced. Katlen brings up a post that Kat had made on Instagram about changing up a few pieces in her collection. It looks like the Speedy Reduced and Nomos might be on their way out of the collection because of Kat’s desire to have a date complication. On Katlen’s wrist, the Omega Speedmaster with new shoes. We received our new straps from Bark & Jack so the Speedy is on the Scottish Grey leather strap and it looks phenomenal. We definitely recommend that you check out his shop for more options!

Shop Bark & Jack straps by clicking here!



The Watch That Haunts You

The world is a scary place sometimes, and that includes watches. Before we get into our main Halloween fun, we want to chat about the watch that haunts you. We posted this on our INstagram stories and got some phenomenal responses, so we are going to answer them for ourselves. Kat’s choice, The Accurate by Mr. Jones. This thing is absolutely creepy in the fact that it is, well, accurate. The watch features the phrase “Remember You Will Die” on the hour and minute hands and is quite depressing. It also encourages you to live your best life…YOLO right? See more information about it by going to their website. Katlen’s choice, a watch that has haunted her since she first saw it years ago, The Companion watch (which is thankfully sold out). Die hard pet enthusiasts can send in a few ounces of their pet hair and have it made into a watch. Y’all…this is a whole other level of scary and creepy and weird! Don’t believe us, look at the website here!

So Final Destination or Pet Semetary? What’s your choice?


Costume Watches

In the spirit of this incredibly fun holiday, we decided to break down some of this year’s hottest Halloween costumes and the perfect watch for them…

Frankenstein – Kat absolutely nailed it with her pick of the Milgauss. The green crystal and lightning bolt second hand make this the perfect watch for the classic monster.



Spiderman – The exception to our “everyone has expensive taste” rule, pre-Tony Stark Spiderman would most definitely be wearing a Q Timex. Its affordable and matches his colors perfectly.



Beetlejuice – What a classic Halloween film. The quarky character needs a watch as weird to match . For this, we go to the Franck Muller Crazy Hours. More specifically the 15th anniversary with green to match his character.


Daenerys Targaryen – What better watch for the “Mother of Dragons” than a watch that screams power. The Jacob and Co Astronomia Dragon fits this perfectly. Don’t listen to this part if you haven’t seen the last season of Game of Thrones as we get into a bit of a discussion on whether or not her “craziness” was called for.


Captain Marvel – Of course, she had to be wearing a Speedmaster. But Kat throws a curveball at us by picking the 50th anniversary Apollo 11 for te colors that would look good against her outfit. Katlen would’ve gone more for the First Omega in Space, but a Speedmaster nonetheless.


Unicorn – In case you want to dress as Katlen’s absolute favorite mythical creature, we have the perfect choice for you. The Richard Mille Bon Bon Marshmallow is really the only option for you. The twisted colors of the dial look just like a unicorn horn. It’s bright, playful, and just a cool watch overall. Also, as a bonus, in case you want to dress as Willy Wonka, you could totally just pull off the entire Bon Bon collection.



Halloween Themed Watches

Just in case you want to toss on a watch for Halloween that doesn’t require dressing up, we have a few suggestions. The Mr. Jones Last Laugh, Day of the Dead Hublots, and Corum Bubble Watches are a really great option.

Kat’s suggestions for Halloween watches include the Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch which was featured on Bark and Jack’s more recent video with friend David (aka Floatlite). She also suggests the Rolex Daytona Tiger, and the Seiko Orange Monster.




And Now, The Q&A…


@dfeitel asks “Limiting yourself to only one watch in a week or the same strap per each watch but for a month?”

Yikes, this is a tough one and we actually disagree on this. Katlen points out that she would get too bored wearing just one strap option on different watches and definitely would want to wear the same watch for a week on different straps. Kat talks about the fact that she hasn’t been changing out straps much so she would be good wearing the same strap on any number of watches.


Our friend @watchmakers.daughter wants to know “What do you ladies think of the term “boyfriend” watch?”

It’s a term that we hear pretty often and have mixed feelings about. Kat doesn’t think about it too much, but it is just used to describe the style of oversized and chunky watches. She points out the idea of boyfriend jeans, and jackets, and the way that it has become so commonplace in the fashion industry. While there’s no ill-intent with it, Katlen discusses the idea that the term “boyfriend watch” implies that someone else bought it and takes away from the pride of buying something for yourself. It’s not that big of a deal, and neither of us take offense to it, but we could see the problem that some women would have with it.


@mike_pouliot wants to know “Favorite chronographs 40mm or less?”

There’s definitely a few that we would recommend here. The First Omega in Space is definitely a great option at 40mm. But Katlen also recommends the Sinn 356 Pilot which is 38.5mm annd well balanced for a smaller dial chronograph for a mid pricepoint option and could even go with something like the Timex Weekender Chronograph for under $200. Kat suggests the Speedmaster Reduced, the Heuer Carrera re-edition 1964 series from the 90’s, and the Zenith El Primero which is just an icon.


And leave it to our friends @scottishwatches to throw in a curveball and ask us “What date did you pick for @rickticktalks Deadpool?”

This is a bit of an inside joke, but you should listen to their podcasts to know what’s going on. Basically, one of the hosts Rick sounds like he’s dying from the longest cold ever and we all “allegedly” have a Deadpool on him in their Scottish Watches Facebook Group. Kat has Halloween as her hopeful payout date but it seems from their recent recording that he is already gone (so who is texting us from his number?). Also, this is pretty inconvenient because we have an upcoming interview with them and apparently need to find a psychic.

Check out their podcast…honestly, they occasionally talk watches and are great guys.



That’s all for today! Be sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook and that you subscribe if you like what you’re hearing. Please send us pictures of your watches and costumes, especially if you dress your pets up too.

Talk to you soon!

Kat and Katlen

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