Episode 16: All The Familiar Faces

Welcome Y’all to Episode 16 of Tenn & Two

Another busy week for us ladies as Tenn & Two continues to grow. Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wrist Wtach Check

Today Kat is wearing the Speedy Reduced that hasn’t been getting much wrist time lately. Katlen discusses her thoughts about the bracelet and calls Kat out for her thoughts on “old school” bracelets. On Katlen’s wrist, the Worn and Wound Stowa that she just can’t get enough of. Today she has paired it with a kangaroo black leather nato and is super happy with the combo.


Our Thoughts on the Nashville Watch Club

Kat finally was able to see the Grand Seiko snowflake at the meetup and we discuss her thoughts on it as we had just discussed the watch during our last Q&A episode. She likes the dial and the look of it, but really struggles with the titanium material being so light weight. Side note, is a group of Nodus watches called Noduses or Nodi? In all seriousness, we get back to some of the watch talk and chat about our friend Chris and his Breitling that looked ridiculous on Katlen’s wrist. He also had a Nodus that we were thrilled to see, the Polar White which was a limited edition piece to 10 and he had the very first one. Such a cool watch to finally see. Speaking of microbrands, Monta seems to sponsor half of the Nashville Watch Club as almost every variation of Monta watch was at the meetup.

Photos curteous of our good friend Abhishek (Instagram: @awatchgram)

Other watches that we were obsessing over include the Breguet Classique with the recessed small seconds which was an incredibly stunning piece. We also talk about the Halios Seaforth which has such a cool baby blue dial that is hard to describe. Katlen talks about the Topper Jewelers limited edition Seiko SPB107 that is such a cool piece, espeicially when paired with the tropic rubber strap. Of course, Kevin’s white Rolex Daytona was a heavy hitter as well. Vintage seikos were also a hit as well as. We talk about the incredibly supportive wives that attended this meetup as well.

Photos curteous of good friend and Nashville Watch Club co-founder Ray (Instagram: @raydipietro)


Nomos Club Campus for National Breast Cancer Foundation

Following up from the chat we had on the Oris Movember watch, Nomos has brought back out their Club Campus for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We discuss the unusual timing of Nomos to wait half way through the month to start talking about it, and then there’s the fact that they only sell it during the month of October. A $200 donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation will be made for each watch sold, and there are two varieties to chose from.

Check out the Nomos Club Campus line that supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation by clicking here.


Longines Introduces a New Heritage Piece – The Classic

Both of us ladies agree on this piece…The Heritage collection typically falls a bit short, but honestly, this is one that we definitely like. It has been getting some grief for looking like a JLC, but there’s only so many ways you can change a watch. The sector dial is absolutely stunning and at 38.5mm, it’s a great fir for many different wrist sizes. It comes with several different strap options and is a great value at $2,150. Discover more here.


Two New Grand Seiko References

Grand Seiko releases the SBGK007 and SBGK009 which are two new additions to the elegance collection. One of the biggest problems people seem to have with the collection was the thickness, which Grand Seiko claims to solve with an 11.6mm case (which is still not thin by any stretch of the imagination). With a 39mm case, it features a manual wound movement and three day power reserve. We discuss our opinions on the dial layout which neither of us like. Small seconds at 9 and power reserve indicator at 3, we chat about how it doesn’t seem to fit into the idea of Grand Seiko marketing and Japanese culture. We’d definitely love to find out a bit more about the reasoning behind some of these aesthetics. Possibly from our friend Handsome Rob who we learned about through the guys over at Scottish Watches (check out his interview with them here).

For more details on the new release from Grand Seiko, check out this great article from Worn & Wound.



Christopher Ward “Re-Releases” the Trident Bronze C65

Honestly, we just don’t understand the idea of re-releasing this or any watch. It seems to be the exact same watch that was released in a limited run late last year. One thing we absolutely hate, the logo is back over at 9:00. As a brand, you lose your identity when you continue to change things and Christopher Ward is not doing themselves any favors with their fans by always changing their logo. The Bronze Ombre is a very cool piece that we both love. A vintage inspired dive watch with vintage bezel, the ombre brown dial is quite stunning against the bronze case. We talk about the debate of bronze and patina which is a highly contested within the watch community.

To see more details, click here and follow the link to Christopher Ward’s website.



A Few New Updates From Omega

Omega has announced the opening of their new museum which looks stunning. This is definitely on our to-do list if we ever make it over to Switzerland.


Another new update, Omega has launched a vintage watch certification process in which you can send your timepiece in and have every bit of the watch gone through for certification. It comes with a gorgeous presentation but most definitely at a cost. We aren’t quite sold on this as it isn’t practical for most vintage watches. It’s definitely a niche service, and you can find out more by visiting here.



Tissot Adds to Their “Gentleman” Collection

One final new release this week is a new update to the Gentleman collection including the Powermatic movie. Essentially, they are a $800 Oyster Perpetual and are not bad looking at all. As a watch with a powerful name behind it, it looks similar enough to attract attention but still stands out from the OP. It is priced higher than many other Tissot pieces, but that seems to be due to the different movement. Maybe it’s time to accept that watches are just getting more expensive and we will still buy them regardless.

Interested in the collection, check out more here.


In Other News

Fears Watches just released new wool watch straps which are incredibly cool. They are made from wool and look like the perfect fall/winter watch strap. They will be here on the 29th of this month and we are incredibly excited to meet Nicholas as well as view his collection. Check out their website here and reach out to us if you’re in the Nashville area on the 29th of October.

Fears Watches Website


Kat brings up a cool article by Brad Homes from Worn & Wound on the Speedmaster Reduced. We discuss the reduced a bit further and decide that Katlen should check it out and borrow it for a bit. See the article here.


We bring up our FOMO and jealousy of our friends at Scottish Watches and Bark & Jack who were able to attend the Hodinkee Grand Seiko events hosted in Glasgow and London. We definitely look forward to hearing more from these guys on their experience.

Follow them through these links below:




Finally, we bring up #katlenpose and how it is taking over many of our friends on Instagram. It has definitely kept us quite entertained and we love to see everyone having fun with this. We plan on picking some of our favorites and doing a “battle royale”. Keep an eye on Instagram for details.


That’s it! We have a special episode planned for Friday. As always, thank you for listening and be sure to subscribe to us on your platform of choice. If you’re interested in contributing, send us an email or DM.


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