Episode 15: Friday Q&A

Welcome Y’all to Episode 15 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

These Friday Q&A segments are getting to be our favorites and this week is no exception.


Wrist Watch Check

On Kat’s wrist once again, the Monta Blue Atlas. If you’re looking for a GMT under 40mm, this is the way to go! At the price point, this is insanely phenomenal. It is a true dressy/tool watch that has a lot of practical uses for everyday wear. Katlen discusses her love of the finishing and detail that Monta and many other microbrands are putting into their watches. If you’re in New York, we recommend you check them up at Wind Up Watchfair. Katlen is wearing the Worn & Wound Stowa that she is just absolutely in love with. She has taken this all matte watch and tossed a seafoam green strap on it which has totally changed the look. We discuss our thoughts on the watch as we have it in to review for a bit and both of us are just as in love with it as we thought.




Apple Watches in the Hobby

We decide to start this episode off with a quick chat about the Apple Watch which is one of the most debated “watches” in the industry. Kat brings up the recent Hodinkee podcast in which they breakdown the new series of Apple Watch (click here for episode 60 of Hodinkee Radio). She discusses how listening to this episode shifted her opinion. As a medical professional, she talks about the practicality of so many of the features that the Apple Watch offers. Both ladies discuss the downside of being too “hooked” to our phones as is, and how irritating it would be to have everything on your wrist. Katlen brings up her opinions on it as the reality is, more people are wearing watches now than they were 5 years ago and that is because of the Apple Watch. She believes that the Apple Watch is a gateway into buying other watches because people are getting used to wearing something on the wrist but have nicer functions to attend or want something to be able to hand down. Realistically, while neither of us would own one, we both approve of them. They have their place in the world, especially from a medical standpoint.



Starting off today is a question from @my1stwatch: “If you could only get one Grand Seiko, which one will it be?”

A Grand Seiko is already on Kat’s radar for next year and her selection is the SBGA259. Called the “golden snowflake”, Kat is a fan of the touch of gold accents combined with the snowflake dial. But, who doesn’t love a Grand Seiko dial? Katlen’s choice, the SBGA413 from the Four Seasons collection. She likes the very soft pink color of the dial that is very subtle and looks almost “cloud like”. Both ladies discuss their love for the hypocrisy of Grand Seiko with the gorgeous and delicate dials and the sports steel bracelets. Check them out on the Grand Seiko Website. 



@watchwithuschannel asks us “What do you consider a true limited edition? 100? 200,500, 1000…?

Both of us ladies had a hard time answering this one, but we agree that the answer really depends on what kind of brand you are. It definitely makes sense for microbrands to keep limited edition numbers low, but what about the major brands. We talk about trying to find a balance in the term “limited”. We also discuss the difficulty in making a limited edition release fair to everyone. Using the example of the Speedy Tuesday watches which were released at 4am Nashville time, how do you make sure everyone has an opportunity?


@topshelfvintagewatches wants to know “As women, what are some challenges you face or have faced within the watch community?” 

We are going to try and keep this answer a bit short. Kat starts off with the perception that women are not really into watches, that we just like sparkly things and don’t care about movements. Or that we are often met with condescending attitudes. Honestly, both of us ladies do feel that certain things are getting better. Katlen discusses her experiences within her career in this industry and how things are changing and perceptions are changing. We talk about the support of the watch fam and how there is such a great community. But there are still the trolls which seem to be mostly on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Kat talks about a video which she had written for Teddy Baldassarre and the comments about ladies watches that resulted from there. All in all, it’s getting better, but there are still struggles. We both have thick skin, but worry that a lot of women are turned off from the hobby because of these behaviors.



Two very similar questions we get into here: @engraved_balance asks “What watch would make you go up to a stranger to compliment their watch and start a conversation?” and 
@timewithpop wants to know “What’s the best non awkward transition in a conversation to mention someone’s watch?”

Ya’ll are thinking way too much about it! We compliment people all the time on their watches, clothes, shoes etc. To be fair, we both have jobs that require us to be more outgoing which makes it a bit easier for us. And we admit that it may be harder for guys, especially if you are walking up to a woman to compliment, but you shouldn’t hesitate. Go up and compliment the watch, or ask questions…it usually results in the most interesting conversations. Be natural and don’t make it weird. DO NOT INVADE THEIR BUBBLE! We all love when people compliment our watches, so do it to other people.



@watchgram asks us “What was your first big watch purchase?” 

Kat goes first with her first big purchase which was the electric blue SeaMaster reference 2253. We both absolutely love this piece! And Abhishek has this watch too in the larger size. The blue is just absolutely stunning and really plays with the light amazingly well. Katlen’s first big watch also another Omega, the Planet Ocean. We talk about the importance of that first watch purchase…or the lack there of. Sometimes you just buy a watch to buy it!



Finally, from @broke_watch_loving_teacher “What are your thoughts on two tone dress watches?”

Um…depends. We talk about the idea of just gold accents in indicies and hands without going for a full two tone look in the case and bracelet. Neither of us are fans of two tone bracelets….well, nevermind because there’s the jubilee two tone. In case you haven’t put together, we are clearly undecided! Honestly, if you like it, go for it. A big problem that we have with two tone, is they tend to look dated. But, wear what you like!



That’s a wrap! Make sure you’re following along with us online. If you have any questions you’d like answered, reach out to us through Instagram and email! Have a great weekend y’all!

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  1. Hello both Kat & Katlen,

    @ticktalking from Insta. Great podcast. Would like to share another community called Snupps if you have not heard of. Basically it’s a good platform to keep track of your timepieces. i.e. brand, model, specs, purchased date, price etc. All respectful smaller community there. Btw I’m @stephenlow in Snupps. 😊

    Have a good weekend to both.


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