Episode 14: Fall Watches & Becoming Influencers

Welcome to Episode 14 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

Well, it looks like Katlen is a #influencer and we didn’t even know it. On the day this episode was recorded, we noticed some fun posts that we had been tagged in and man, Instagram did not disappoint. #katlenpose is a thing and we have been so entertained…taking inspiration from some of Katlen’s post, @wookie_wrists posted a fun shot this afternoon and started the #katlenpose to go along with it. Since then, we have seen fun submissions from @bearded_southern_gentleman, @watchesandwhiskers, and the cutest photo from @aggressivetiming habits. Y’all, get in on this! We may just have to vote for our absolute favorite because these are just too good!


Guys, have you checked out our friends at Scottish Watches yet? We ladies start talking about the difference in “cracking” for the US and UK and realize that our Scottish Friends are becoming a bit more, dare we say Nashville lately. Their recent episode with Martin Walport was phenomenal and you should definitely give it a listen! They’ll be coming on our podcast here soon so be on the lookout!

Scottish Watches Podcast #80 : Repairing Dr Who’s Watch, With Martin Walport



Wrist Watch Checks

It looks like Kat has a new watch on her wrist but did she break the “no watch buying fast for 2019 pact”? The answer, no. Kat finally has the Seiko Alpinist SARB017 back on her wrist. This is one that she had regretted flipping for quite some time and was really wanting to get back. The opportunity came up to trade her white Hamilton khaki field watch for the Alpinist and Kat cou;dn’t say no. We are so excited to have this guy back in Nashville and on Kat’s wrist. Today Katlen is wearing something a bit different, the Hamilton Jazzmaster with small seconds. It is currently on a seafoam green nato strap from BluShark. We talk about the unique style of the small seconds and pairing dress watches with nato straps.


Just a quick follow up from our Epside 13 about the watch strap organizer Katlen had been told about. Thank you @timetotalk_watches for reaching back out about your strap organizer. Check the link out below for info.

Pocket Knife Stoage Case on Amazon


Possible Tenn & Two strap giveaway coming soon if Katlen has more than 40 watch straps! Of course, we each have new straps coming in from our good friend Adrian over at Bark & Jack. We have been fans of his nato straps for some time but are now incredibly excited to be checking out his new leather straps once they arrive.

Check out his new leather straps by clicking here!

We go on to discuss his newest Q&A Video which was absolutely hilarious. If you don’t follow him over on YouTube, go and check out his videos! YouTube link here!




First Impressions On A Few Watches We Have In Currently For Review

We are just absolutely floored by the number of people and brands who are sending us stuff in. Right now we have a few pieces that are really incredible honestly so we thought we would share our initial thoughts on them. The G-Shock that we have on loan from Topper Jewelers is really just too cool and we cannot wait to do a write up on it. Another fun watch we have right now is the Christopher Ward Trident Bronze that a listener had sent in. We discuss our feelings on the watch as neither of us had any prior experience with bronze timepieces in the past. And then there’s the watch that we, more so Katlen, has been drooling over for weeks…The Worn and Wound Stowa collaboration which is just breathtaking in person. We are incredibly excited to have this one for a bit and get some experience with the watch. FInally, the Monta Atlas which is arguably one of the coolest shades of blue. The watch is incredibly comfortable to wear and sits amazingly on the wrist. We look forward to having this one for a bit.



Our Thoughts on the Nomos Tetra Plum

Neither of us are fans of purple, but this is really gorgeous. We talk about some of the things that we really like about this watch including how squared shape it is while maintaining a great thinness. The power reserve indicator is a cool touch and definitely balances out on the dial while standing apart as well. When you look at their website, Nomos emphasizes the fact that this is made to flatter a small wrist which is something surprising given the square shape. Overall, we both like it and approve. Nomos is killing it lately, and this is no exception.

Check them out on the Nomos Website by clicking here.

This gets us chatting about out favorite fall watches. Kat talks about the Alpinist being a great option for fall with the green color and tie into the mountains. She also brings up Oris as another great option. Katlen doesn’t necessarily have any favorite fall ideas. She talks about using leather straps and warmer color dials as great options.


Bremont Introducecs the H4 Hercules

This is honestly a cool watch because of the idea behind it. Inspired by the “spruce goose” which was intended to be the largest plane at it’s time which achieved 1 minute of flight time in 1947. Other than the history, it’s a miss for us. Three limited edition pieces in steel, gold , and platinum. We talk about the idea that everyone is looking for a reason to do limited edition pieces these days, and this seems like another stretch to do so. It does contain some of the original wood from the plane and portions of the proceeds go towards maintaining the plane. Given, it is possible that we aren’t all that into it because we aren’t passionate about aviation. Insert a bit of #fakenews, it is most definitely priced way too high.

For more information, visit the Bremont website.


Oris Movember

One watch that we are actually pretty excited about is the Oris Movember for 2019. This is their third year collaborating with Movember who has a mission of helping men live longer and healthier lives. This does bring a random question about why brands aren’t doing anything for Breast Cancer Awareness month. But, we get back into the watch at hand. Both of us ladies really endorse any watch that donates proceeds to a great cause. We are really digging this 70’s style and want to go check it out. Based on their Chronoris collection, it has a unique inner rotating bezel and design. At 39mm, it is priced phenomenally  well at $2,200 on the bracelet. This is a fun watch for a great cause.


…In Other News

Well, we are still waiting on a Ron Burgundy voice over here, but until then…here we go!

It was brought to our attention that G-Shock did a watch collaboration with Herschel and we are loving it. Katlen talks about her experience with Herschel bags as she has had them for several years and it seems that many of the watch fam also uses them. This watch is seriously cool, minus the fact that it is green. But, as Kat points out, it’s basically the G-Shock Alpinist. At $149.99 it’s definitely an awesome piece and is available at both G-Shock’s and Herschel’s website.

Check them out here. 


One last thing, Timex is teasing new automatics which Kat noticed through an email…which turns into a discussion on Katlen’s failure to organize her inbox. There will be new Timex divers  as well as a new Timex in Space Snoopy coming soon and we cannot wait to see them.


That’s all we have for today! Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all of the most recent news. If you want to get in on the #katlenpose fun, make sure you tag us!

We’ll chat with ya’ll soon!
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