Episode 13: Friday Q&A

Welcome to Episode 13 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

This is our second Q&A Episode and we are absolutely thrilled to have had such positive response from the first that aired last week. As a reminder, DM us on Instagram or email (info@tennandtwo.com) us any questions you may have for us to discuss on the show.

Wrist Watch Check

As usual, we begin with a simple wrist watch check that has one of us ladies revealing a new piece (don’t worry y’all, the “no buying watches” pact is still strong). On Katlen’s wrist is her Omega Speedmaster Moonphase. She’s been playing around with a few straps lately as the weather changes and has it paired with an olive green nato strap. Admittedly, green is her least favorite color, but this just has all sorts of military vibes that are just too cool to ignore. Kat today has on a watch by a brand that she is currently lusting after, the Monta Atlas with blue dial. We discuss some of the differences between this and the Triumph that she had earlier this year including size and thickness. This one is on loan to us from the awesome guys over at Monta and we couldn’t be more excited.

Check out our friends over at Monta!

https://montawatch.com/ or on Instagram


And now for the Q&A…


@blue_moose_racing asks “What would be your perfect barn find watch?”

This is a fun one because we both had a similar idea in what we would select without even discussing this first – vintage Omega! Lord knows there’s plenty of barns around here so maybe we should start touring them. Katlen’s barn find goal, the Omega Speedmaster CK2915 with 321 caliber. This is just the ultimate grail watch, the very first Speedmaster ever produced and it was only done so for two years before being replaced by the 2998. Kat’s choice, the Omega Ranchero which was produced in 1958. This watch is incredibly cool and is so uncommon. We go on to discuss the difference behind the “culture” or wearing watches today versus 60 years ago and the condition you find these in.


@007omega007 wants to know “Do you change your watch worn multiple times in a day?

Hmmm…we want to say yes but I think in most cases we do not. Both of us enjoy coming home after work, throwing on sweats, and getting to relax. Kat discusses that the only time she really switches watches through the day is on the weekend when she may have a few things going on and changes for different activities or events. This conversation brings up an interesting topic with Katlen as she mentions reading about other people who will change watches when they get home just so they can wear and rotate their watches more often. Honestly both of us ladies are torn on the subject and can see the argument for it. In our discussion, we also discover that we may be a bit too similar as we both keep watches randomly lying around our houses so, even though they may not be on our wrist, they are there close by in spirit. This is also the moment that Katlen discovers she needs to get her son a watch box because he’s picking up these same bad habits!


From @offset_crown “AD for months/year or grey (market) now? Waitlist game for BB58 Is crazy!”

Well, this is an interesting one. Firstly, the BB58 is such an awesome piece. Kat takes the lead on this one as she discusses the fact that there are so many places where you can go and source these pieces. The downside, is that if the watch is in such high demand that there’s a waitlist, you’re going to pay a premium for it if you go grey market. We discuss our ideas behind paying extra for a watch just to have it now. Don’t get us wrong, we are fans of instant satisfaction as Katlen points out, and if it’s a low premium then ok, but if you’re looking at high premiums just to have it now, our answer is no! Wait for it. You may find that it’s not the watch for you after all and that you’re just lusting after it. At the end of the day, your money is just that, yours. But neither of us can imagine paying exponentially more for something just so we can have it now.

Check out the Black Bay 58 by clicking here.


 @gaz_bot asks us “Recommendations for a GMT watch 40mm or less and under $1500?

This was a tough one as Katlen goes first in answering. The watch that comes to mind as a great value with GMT functionality is the Glycine Airman 1. This watch was available in two dial options (black or cream) and also had two different GMT bezels. You could opt for the 12 hour bezel or you could select a 24 hour bezel (something that would leave Katlen counting on her fingers to figure out the time). At 40mm, it combines a utilitarian look and heritage design that is just unique. *Editors Note: It has been discontinued by Clycine but can be found online.

Two other choices that we cannot get enough of at the moment are from Nodus. Katlen has the Nodus Contrail which is a gorgeous 12 hour bezel watch that can be used as a GMT in 38mm. And of course, there is the new Nodus Duality at 40mm with an inner rotating bezel. Either option would be absolutely phenomenal.

Discover Nodus by clicking here.

Kat has a few different recommendations to toss in. Her first suggestion, the Q Timex and honestly, both ladies agree on this one! For the price, there is nothing else out there that has this kind of quality and it really can’t be beat. It’s a fun and functional piece, and we expect them to be released world wide in the next month. Kat’s second suggestion, why its the watch that is on her wrist, the Monta Atlas. This piece packs a lot in a small package. Once you handle one of these you can really get an appreciation of the detail that goes into every aspect of the watch. The finishing is truly next level and it is well deserving of the credit that it gets from the watch community.

@wis_shots sent in this question – “Could you flip a grail in pursuit of the next grail?”

We’ve kind of discussed the idea of grail watches but have not really gone into too much detail. Kat brings up a great point during this discussion in that we toss around the term “grail watch” very loosely, which Katlen totally agrees with. But both of us ladies agree with our answers in that yes, you can flip. If you’re wanting something else, why not go for it. A bit of caution from Katlen in that you should make sure that it’s love and not lust with the new watch. It’s easy to lust after something, get it, and then realize you’ve made a big mistake. One of Kat’s suggestion is to take your grail away. Hide it for a month or two somewhere that you cannot see or wear it. If you miss it, you probably shouldn’t get rid of it.


From @wildwristwatch: “Any 36mm or under watches to recommend?”

There are definitely some great pieces that we can recommend here. Katlen’s suggestions include the IWC Pilot Automatic 36, the Laco Vintage “Used Look”, and the Oris Diver Sixty Five. All three of these pieces are 36mm and offer very different looks. Even though two are pilot watches, they both have a very unique identity. The IWC 36 you’ll remember we discussed a few episodes ago and looks phenomenal for both men and women. And if you haven’t checked out the Laco you’re missing out. It has such a cool, worn in look that is absolutely stunning. And honestly, who can resist Oris these days. They are doing phenomenal work with everything they do and the Diver Sixty Five series is phenomenal. A perfect blend of vintage and modern.

Onto the suggestions from Kat which are pretty awesome. Her first thought is the Nomos Club Campus. This watch is just unbelievably cool and has so much to offer. A watch that can look dressy and casual, it is definitely worth taking a look at. Her other suggestion, the Tudor Black Bay 36. Tudor is doing absolutely phenomenal things and are truly setting themselves apart as of late. Fortunately, the 36mm isn’t the most highly sought after size so you should be able to fnd them quite easily.


@watchwithuschannel sent in “If you could, what watch brands would you like to work with?” 

This is one that we both have the same answer for: ALL OF THEM! Honestly we are just so honored and humbled by the listeners and brands who reach out to us now as is. This is something we genuinely didn’t expect when starting this endeavor. We think it would be cool to work with brands and get a more hands on experience…and could you imagine a Tenn & Two limited edition watch? #goals anyone?


Our final question comes from @ridge_racer with  “If you only had ONE choice, H-Link or Oyster style bracelet?”

Another question that we disagree with but honestly, you can’t go wrong here and it strictly comes from personal preference. Katlen shares how she much prefers the H-Link bracelet due to its comfort and style. As the owner of several of these bracelets, she is most definitely a fan. She discusses how little changes in the size can affect the look and comfort of the bracelet but it still is her favorite between the two. Kat’s answer is the Oyster, but basically for the same reasons. She finds it to be an incredibly comfortable bracelet to wear and has a great iconic look to it.


Well, that’s it for us today. Make sure you continue to submit questions through out Instagram page or email. And be sure to share with your friends and fellow watch lovers!

Until next time!

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two




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