Episode 12: Micros and Movies

Welcome to Episode 12 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

We are so humbled by the response to our first Friday Q&A Episode. We’ve gotten some amazing feedback from many of you and thank you for that. As a reminder, DM or email (info@tennandtwo.com) us any questions you may have for us to discuss on the show.


Wrist Watch Check

Today Katlen has on her Nodus Contrail that she has had for a few months now. Admittedly, it has taken a couple of months to really appreciate it, but using the 12 hour bezel has really grown on her (and her OCD has calmed down a bit). We discuss the two different Nodus timepieces she has and will be chatting a bit more about the brand here shortly. On Kat’s wrist, her SKZ with GMT bezel from our friend Josh (@stuffandwatches). Changing the bezel out is the first mod that Kat has ever done and we discuss the possibility of future mods down the road.


The Oak & Oscar Ashland

Chicago based watch company Oak & Oscar has partnered with another Chicago icon, Wilson, to bring us a limited edition baseball watch that isn’t overly cliché. Limite4d to 130 pieces, 100 of them available for sale, this watch is just super cool. Every feature is well thought out, from the green dial and bright white markers to look like a baseball field, to the home plate at 12 o’clock, and the strap made from a Wilson baseball glove. This watch screams “let’s spend the day at the ball park”. Honestly, neither of us are the biggest of baseball fans (possibly because Nashville doesn’t have a pro team, but who knows). Even with that, we both agree this is a really neat piece. Oak & Oscar is a newer microbrand but they are doing some really cool things, and the Ashland is definitely one of them.

As if you needed another reason to love the brand, a portion of proceeds from each Oak & Oscar watch sold are donated to local dog rescue “One Tail At A Time”. Check out their full collection online by clicking here!


Nodus Introduces Their Newest Timepiece, Duality

If you’ve listened to the show any period of time, you’ll know that Nodus is a brand we discuss quite a bit, and with good reason. Late last week they guys introduced their newest collection, Duality (click here to learn more about the release). This is a microbrand that is doing this right! They had great success with the launch of their second generation Retrospect and instead of resting on that, pushed the boundaries and introduced something totally different. Two dial options (Chasm Black and Unity White), two bezel options, and every detail immaculately planned out. Not to mention the dial! The guys have not only used a sandwich dial for depth , but then added applied markers on top of that giving a first of its kind appearance. If you follow our friends on Instagram over at @halfwatchtuesday, you will surely have seen their live chat with Wes from Nodus where he was more than thrilled to answer a few questions on this piece. Honestly, we are both blown away by the quality and craftsmanship this watch brings and look forward to handling one in person (once our self-inflicted watch buying fast is over of course).

Head over to the Nodus website here and see the collection for yourself! Usually $700, if you order before November 1, 2019, you can get it for $600.


The Christopher Ward Military Collection

Another brand that has come up several times in this podcast made a big launch last week with their new Military line. Christopher Ward has been supplying the UK’s Ministry of Defense with timepieces for ten years now and has launched three new pieces, one for each branch, and they’re really cool. Dartmouth to represent the Royal Navy, Sandhurst for the British Army, and Cranwell for the Royal Air Force, each one is unique and practical to the military branch that inspired them. An added feature that is really neat is the fact that the official insignia of each military branch is engraved into its corresponding caseback. Ranging in size from 38mm to 41mm, Christopher Ward has nailed the look of these, taking inspiration from watches that were designed in the 60s. And priced from $910 to $1,025, our wallets like them too. We discuss the idea of brands actually listening to their fans as it seems Christopher Ward has with their logo placement back at 12 o’clock where it creates balance. And we actually have our very first Christopher Ward timepiece in that was sent to us from a listener to check out so we look forward to having a more hands on experience with the brand.

More information can be found by clicking here. 

If you want to learn a bit more about Christopher Ward, we recommend you checking out a podcast done by our friends over at Scottish Watches in which they interviewed Mike France from the brand. This was quite an interesting conversation as Mike explained not only the history behind the brand, but why they do a lot of what they do now and how they approach the delicate topic of pricing.


Grand Seiko Celebrates 65 Years of Godzilla

Seriously, what is the deal with brands desperately trying to tie in watches with movies? First Omega introduces their On Her Majesty’s Secret Service watch that had nothing to do with the film, and now Grand Seiko produces a random timepiece to celebrate 65 years of Godzilla. We understand the appeal, sort of, and maybe it’s because we aren’t big Godzilla fans (*editors note: our lack of knowledge about the monster celarly demonstrates that fact), but this watch is a miss! A lot of detail was clearly put into this watch. It features a unique case design with red dial representing the heat ray beam (that we later learned comes from it’s mouth and not the eyes – we told y’all we weren’t Godzilla fans). The Zaratsu finishing gives a phenomenal look that is completely unique. One of the more unique features is definitely the shark skin strap that is black and red to look like the lizard’s skin. The most unusual feature, this exhibition caseback with a picture of Godzilla destroying the clock tower in Giza blacking the entire movement. Limited to 650 pieces, we are sure someone would want it, but at a price point of over $6,000 there is a lot of competition. Check the Grand Seiko website here to see more details.

Since we had some free time when this watch was announced, we wanted to know what watch/movie collaborations y’all wished would make a debut, and the answers did not disappoint! Here we talk about a few of our favorites:

Bill & Ted – Invicta
Catch Me If You Can – Rolex steel sports models
Crocodile Dundee – Oris “Dave the Crocs” limited edition
Footloose – Timex Marlin
Stranger Things – Casio (seriously, WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN DONE!)


Citizen Star Wars Limited Edition

Not to miss out on the hype behind limited edition watches, Citizen has launched a series of five watches to celebrate the Star Wars trilogy. Each one is limited to 1977 pieces in honor of the year Star Wars made it’s debut with the exception of the Boba Fett piece being limited to 1980 and are only available for purchase from Amazon. These are honestly pretty cool pieces, especially the Death Star which has a luminescent dial, but we have one question…where the heck is the Princes Leia watch? I mean, she is one of the main characters so why isn’t there a women’s watch for her! Citizen, get it together!


Woman Finds Rare Rolex 

You know that feeling when you find a Paul Newman Daytona in your couch cushion? Yea, neither do we. We discuss an article that was sent to us by a listener in which a woman allegedly found a rare 6241 Paul Newman Daytona inside the cushion of a couch she had purchased for $25 four years ago. She tried to hunt down the original owner, but since the thrift shop doesn’t keep records, the watch worth an estimates $250,000 was hers to keep! When asked about what she would do with the money, she mentioned buying a new home and a boob job. We toss around a few ideas of things we’d use the money on ourselves and narrow it down to more watches and awesome trips. The other thing we agree on is that neither of us will be getting a boob job with it.


In Other News…

Thank you to MorningTundra for sending us a copy of his book The Vintage Rolex Field Guide. We are enjoying going through it and most definitely recommend you check it out. Click here to check out the book for yourself!

And another shout out to our Scottish Watches friends who should be paying us at this point! How the heck did we get signed up as moderators on their Facebook page by the way? The guys did an unveiling of the new Grand Seiko SBGH269 the other day and this watch is just stunning!


That’s all for today y’all. Make sure you follow along with us over on Instagram and Facebook. And keep your ears out for an upcoming giveaway that we are incredibly excited about!

Talk to y’all again soon!

Kat and Katlen

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