Episode 11 : Q&A

Welcome to our very first Q&A Episode!

We are incredibly excited to bring to you our first Q&A episode! This is most definitely one of our favorite parts of our podcast and we are thrilled to make it a more centralized focus. This episode is a bit weird as we are testing out some different recording platforms for guests in the future. So without further adieu, let’s start the first of our twice weekly episodes!


Wrist Watch Check

Traditions stay the same and we are checking in with what’s on our wrist today. Kat has her Explorer II on the wrist which is still getting quite a bit of wrist time. Katlen has on the G-Shock GMWB5000g-1 that is on loan to us from our friend Rob over at Topper Jewelers.  We ladies discuss some of our favorite features of the watch now that we have both had it on our wrist and agree that it is phenomenal piece.


Bark & Jack Video Do Watches Make Good Investments Discussion

We start out this episode talking about a video that our friend Adrian from Bark & Jack had posted the other day. This is arguably a highly controversial topic in the watch community and it seems that everyone has a different opinion about it, so, why not give our two cents as well. One of the things we discuss here is our differences in the way that we approach watch buying. Katlen is much more emotional with her purchases so re-sell value was never a consideration. Kat however, has a history of selling watches once she found something new, so re-sell was always on her list of things to think about when purchasing a watch.

Both ladies agree on this: there are no guaranteed investments. If you are buying a watch, it should be because you love it, not because you are hoping to make money off of it later on. While the thought of something you purchase losing value after purchasing it is a hard pill to swallow, that is the reality with many of the purchases that we make. If you’re looking to make an investment, speak to a financial advisor.

NO ONE could have predicted the demand for steel sports Rolex, Patek, and AP models 10 years ago. And no one knows what will happen next in this industry. There are too many variables for you to put your eggs in one basket. At the end of the day, we still can get something out of our watches if push came to shove which is better than nothing. But buy a watch because you love it and because you want to keep it. That’s our advice to you.

Make sure you check out more of Adrian’s content. Follow the links below to follow and subscribe to his channel:

Click here for his Instagram

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Follow this link to get to his website


And Now, the Q & A

From @aggressivetiminghabits : “Planning on attending any watch fairs in the next year?”

In a word, YES! There are several shows that we wanted to go to this year, but schedules have made it a bit more difficult. Next year, you’re definitely going to catch Tenn & Two out and on the road! …on a side note, does someone want to put together a calendar of all the watch shows for 2020.

From @dfeitel : “How do y’all feel about microbrands? Recommend over Seiko for most new watch people now?”

This is a really interesting conversation. For so long, it seemed like the answer to every watch newbie inquiry was “get a Seiko”, but we see less and less of that lately and that’s because of the booming microbrand scene. So the answer to this is 1.) we love microbrands! You’ll hear us talk about several of them all the time; and 2.) yes – depending on price point.

The reality is that Seiko still has the edge in mechanical timepieces under $250. So if this is a newbie budget, of course we are going to recommend purchasing a Seiko. But for any budget over this, it just makes sense to go microbrand! There is so much out there from absolutely phenomenal brands. And as Kat points out, many of these brands use Seiko movements anyways that are then adjusted to more strict tolerances. It’s an exciting watch world we live in, and social media gives you so many more options. Seiko’s advantage is that you can go to most department stores and try them on, but they come in two options: super dressy, or super casual. You may not be able to try them on first, but microbrands offer an endless variety that appeals to more people.

From @socalwatchreviews : “Any recommendations for other small watch podcast channels?”

Wow…there are really so many to list here! What we love about the podcasts that we are about to list off is that they all have their own unique vibe and personality which makes listening to them a joy…so, let’s get into them! Be sure you go give these guys all a follow and check out their content:

Scottish Watches – http://www.scottishwatches.co.uk/

Bark & Jack – https://barkandjack.com/

40 & 20 – https://tunein.com/podcasts/Technology-Podcasts/40-and-20-p1187754/

Watch With Us Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBstw66kC8HE_J4hoi_y1zw

Two Broke Watch Snobs – https://twobrokewatchsnobs.com/

SoCal Watch Reviews – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5fBHFNIWWe2AA7UWPLjL2w

I’m sure there are several that we forgot to list here! Honestly, there are just so many different voices out there! make sure you find your podcast friends!

From @chronoshay : “What’s a watchfam favorite hyped watch that you just don’t like and why?”

This was a tough one…there’s so much out there that we love, but we managed to each pull a watch out that #watchfam is obsesses with and we don’t understand why.

Katlen’s pick is the Patek Phillipe Nautilus collection. There’s just something about the square/oval combo to the head that drives her absolutely insane. Not to mention the unflattering bracelet as well with the high polish rounded section. And there’s really no version of the watch that she likes. Adding the moonphase or the chronograph complication just makes it more unflattering.

Think Kat’s choice is going to be any better? Think again. Her watch that she just does not like despite watchfam pressure is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. nd funny enough, for all of the same reasons that Katlen isn’t a fan of the Nautilus. The overall case design just doesn’t speak to her and she isn’t a fan of the bracelet either. Both ladies agree that each watch is incredibly overpriced as well.


Congratulations to the September Horology Talk Photo Contest Winner

Once a month, the Facebook group “Horology Talk” does a photo contest full of some intense competition (shout out to our friend Bobby who organizes this whole thing). September’s contest was no exception and we want to take a moment to congratulate Lee Blanchard on his stunning photo of his Maurice Lacroix. Give him a follow on Instagram: @themodestwatchguy



And that’s all we have for y’all today. Thank you again for supporting this podcast like you do. We hope you enjoy the two episode a week content. Be sure to email or DM us your questions or short segment topic ideas. And if you’re interested in doing any writing for the website, reach on out to us. We’ll talk to ya soon.

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