Episode 10: Bond, Fliegers, and Collabs

Welcome Y’all to Episode 10 of the Tenn & Two Podcast 

One day, we will get this introduction right, we promise. It’s been quite a week but we are excited and ready to get back to recording and chatting watches.


Today’s Wrist Watch Check

Kat is rocking a new G-Shock that has been graciously sent to us for a little bit by Rob over at Topper Jewelers. Introducing the GMWB5000g-1 which is the ion plated black metal case on reisn strap. Both ladies agree that this one is seriously cool. On Katlen’s wrist, the vintage Omega Dynamic from 1969 that she had purchased a few months ago. For whatever reason, this piece has been taking up a lot of wrist time.

If you’re looking for a new timepiece, be sure to check out Rob over at Topper Jewelers. Click here to head on over to their website. 


Montblanc 1858 Monopusher Limited Edition for HODINKEE

Another week means another limited edition Hodinkee release. We must say, this one is actually quite stunning. Monopusher chronographs are absolutely stunning and it’s in stainless steel. But that doesn’t make it any cheaper. At $30,000, it includes a watch that is limited to only 25 pieces and includes a trip to Switzerland with the Hodinkee team to tour the Minerva factory. We may have different opinions on the pricing, but agree that it is an absolutely gorgeous piece. Definitely one of the biggest selling points is this Minerva 13.20 based calibre which is finished from start to finish and has an incredible amount of detail.

Head over to the Hodinkee website to see more details about this stunning piece.


The Worn & Wound Stowa Flieger Verus Grau Limited Edition

This is a watch that we are desperately trying to talk ourselves into buying (or out of depending on if we want to keep our “no watches until 2020” agreement). It is just absolutely stunning! Featuring a grey, concrete dial that has a handsome porous texture, it is just perfect. There are stunning contrasting white numerals that are huge and a fun, bubbly font that brings an aspect of fun to a traditional German brand. We discuss our love of the matching date wheel which is just a next level detail that both of us greatly appreciate it. Limited to only 100 pieces and priced at $780, this is quite possibly the perfect watch and it needs to find its way to us! Y’all, why is this so hard!

As of September 30, these are still available on the Worn & Wound website. Follow this link to see more information. 


IWC Introduces a 36mm Pilot’s Watch

A new introduction that we are quite excited about. It is a dressier pilot’s style which is to be expected from IWC, but we are happy to see the brand introduce a smaller size. At 36mm, it makes owning a pilot’s watch much more practical for women who are interested in the style, as well as for men who aren’t wanting such a large watch. It comes in three different dial options being silver, blue, and black. We discuss our feelings about a non-matching date wheel and our curiosity as to why there is a $1,000 price difference between the leather strap option and a stainless steel bracelet. IWC does a phenomenal job in their marketing as they feature both male and female models wearing the watch, which really showcases how gender neutral something like a pilot’s watch can be.

For more details about this new series, click here. 


The Grand Seiko Elegance Collection

FIrstly and most importantly, thank you Grand Seiko for putting an emphasis on women’s automatic movements. And now that our compliment is out of the way, this is a hot mess! From start to finish, it is a miss. The design is overly feminine and delicate, featuring a sharply curved case and lug that will not wear well on any wrist over 6inches. We expect great dials from Grand Seiko and they do deliver here, but with the two diamonds on top of the logo, it is very busy considering how small the dials are. While it may not be suited for a lot of the American market, but we can see how it would sell well overseas.

More details can be found on the Grand Seiko website. 

We go on to discuss that maybe a lot of these variations are based on individual city styles. Nashville is definitely a much more laid back and less formal city, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t appeal to us. Who knows? We are curious as to what your thoughts are.


Omega Releases their Newest James Bond Piece

A new Omega limited edition from Omega, released on a Tuesday, and it wasn’t a Speedmaster? Nope! This is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This has to be one of the most random releases! Lazenby, who played Bond in the film, wore a Rolex during the film so there is absolutely no reason for Omega to be involved. Honestly, we are quite unimpressed by this piece. It lacks originality, taking design hints from past Bond limited editions as opposed to creating something totally new. One of the less expensive James Bond limited editions in the last few years, there are 7007 of these pieces being produced. One of the things we found interesting is that you could go to the Omega website to pre-order them which is a new concept.* (Note, online ordering is no longer available as of release of this episode).

See more details on the Omega website.


We are going to play a game: How many limited edition Bond pieces total will be released between now and the release of the new film. Kat’s guess is 4 total, Katlen’s is three. All we know is there will be more.

This leads us to our question of the week.

@aggressivetiminghabits asks

“Which omega should female 007 wear?”

In Other News…

Check out our local friend Josh (@stuffandwatches) who is an amazing photographer and posted a great behind the scenes of a quick ell phone photo shoot, including some equipment he uses to get that perfect shot. Seriously, look at his post from September 26.


Also, we have some exciting changes that we are trying to make thanks to the love and support from you guys. Firstly, we will be airing a second episode each week. This episode will air out on Friday afternoon and will mostly be a Q&A style segment. Make sure you keep on sending us questions! We really enjoy this part of the show and have a great time with it.

Finally, if you would like to help contribute to Tenn & Two, we are looking at adding articles and reviews to our website. Email us your ideas as we would love to hear from so many different opinions. Email us at info@tennandtwo.com.


Thanks as always for listening and we hope y’all have a great week! We’ll be chatting soon.


Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two



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    1. Agreed! It’s quite unreasonable and doesn’t make any sense. Unless their leather is just that cheap? It is gorgeous, but no justification to it.

      1. The leather strap on my pilot’s Chronograph is poor, despite alleged fanciness. Maybe I’m too clumsy for fancy things 🤷‍♂️

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