Episode 9: Marketing Geniuses and Segways


Welcome to Episode 9 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Pinky promise, one of these days we are going to get our “hello” down straight! We are so excited about today’s episode and cannot wait to get into it…so, let’s go.


Today’s Wrist Watch Check

In honor of seeing everyone post their new Q-Timex watches on Instagram, Kat has decided to wear hers today. We are really excited to see so many people wearing theirs after this newest round of sales opened up by Timex earlier this week. It seems like for the most part, many people are loving theirs! If you missed out, please do not pay $400 for one on e-Bay. Timex has posted that they are going to release the Q for full production and world wide release in October. Be sure to follow their Instagram for updates! On Katlen’s wrist, the Seiko Prospex Orange Samurai. Admittedly, Katlen wishes that she wore this one more, but it’s definitely hard to pair up and co-ordinate with outfits. At 44mm, it definitely wears quite well on both of our small wrists, probably due to how well the lug to lug ratio is, but can we please start doing something about your bracelets Seiko!


Daniel Wellington – Marketing Geniuses!

Since you listed to last week’s episode (and if you haven’t, then you need to stop here, play episode 8, then come back to episode 9), you’ll remember us talking about Odell Beckham Jr. and the Richard Mille timepiece that he wore on the field during the Browns v. Titans football game that week. Surely enough, week two of the NFL football season comes around and guess who is wearing another Richard Mille on the 16th. Yup! More specifically, the RM 56-02 of which there are only ten in the world and for the low price of two million dollars. Now, there are strong rumors that the watch worn was a fake, though there is no official confirmation. Check out this post in the New York Times comparing the two watches. Even more scandalous, Odell Beckham Jr. says the following during his post game interview when asked about the watch worn during the game:

“I am off it. I don’t really have any comment about it. I think that Daniel Wellington might be a better watch than these. A little classier, not as flashy as this one. I am just blessed.”

Seriously, the craziest statement ever for a man wearing what was allegedly a $2million watch! But wait…there’s more and we are going to tie in all the craziness right here so follow along!

  • September 8, 2019 – Odell Beckham Jr. wears the RM 11-03 during game one of their NFL season against the Tennessee Titans.

  •  September 10, 2019 – Daniel Wellington previews a new icon on their Instagram page which clearly looks like Odell but with his blonde hair which was colored back to all black BEFORE the first game on the 8th.

  •  September 16, 2019 – Odell Beckham Jr. wears the allegedly fake RM 56-02 during week two of the NFL season.

  •  September 16, 2019 – Insert before mentioned crazy post game statement here.
  • September 18, 2019 – Daniel Wellington’s Instagram page officially announces Odell Beckham Jr. as one of their new icons. Again, pay attention to his hair being pre-season colored!

Daniel Wellington – the marketing genius no one ever saw coming!!! This is what we all get for not following their Instagram page closer. What an insane turn of events! They were able to get the entire world focused on one man’s wrist for weeks…so now, we will continue to do so because we want to see if he’s going to wear a DW. It’s not just the watch community, it’s everyone! News outlets, talk shows, even friends of ours are all talking about what watch Beckham Jr. is wearing, and now, that watch will be a Daniel Wellington. FREAKING GENIUS!


The Not Fake News of Tudor’s Black Bay Chrono Dark 

Thank you Tudor for randomly announcing this watch on a Saturday…but here we go. We know the watch has been talked about a lot, but we really want to discuss how much of a failure this is of a market scheme. Yes, it worked for them because it’s Tudor, and a limited edition, but no other brand could pull this big of a failure off successfully. Here’s why we say that…

It was August 26 that Tudor make a big to-do on their Instagram saying “Something’s Coming September 4”. On the 4th, no watch release at all, just a video explaining the history of Haka behind New Zealand’s All Blacks Rugby Team.

We all expected a new timepiece, and it never came. Photos had even leaked around a Rolex forum or two weeks prior showing what looked liked an all black chrono, but those were written off as fake news. That was until September 14th, when Tudor announced the BB Chrono Dark on Instagram.

Let’s be real, we understand that this will sell out. It’s a highly limited edition watch that actually looks cool! But if any other brand messed up on marketing this badly, they would fall flat on their face.

We go on to discuss our thoughts on the watch in general, as well as the brand. One of our biggest cons with the watch will be the screw down pushers, especially for Kat as she actually uses the chronograph for work. Overall, we like it and are hoping that it branches into a full all black chronograph collection.

If you’re curious to learn more, check out Tudor’s website by clicking here.  


New G-Shock Release – the GMW-B5000TB

Earlier this week, G-Shock announced the release of their newest 5000 series watch, but this one was going to be just a bit different. It is the first in the 5000 series to feature a titanium case and bracelet with sapphire crystal. The real surprise, the $1,300 price tag attached to this. At three times the price of the full metal G-Shock, we are definitely curious to know what kind titanium is being used to justify such a mark up.

Both Kat and Katlen can come up with a lot of watches we’d rather have for $1,300 so justifying this price point is quite difficult. And it seemed to take a lot of our listeners off guard when we posted it on our Instagram page. Visit the Casio website for more details.


TiCTAC Partnership with Seiko

Earlier this week, Seiko announced two anniversary edition watches to celebrate Japanese retailer TiCTAC’s 35th anniversary and we are loving these watches. They have a phenomenal “field watch/Explorer” look that both of us ladies are really digging. At 40mm, these watches just look phenomenal (leather strap excluded). For now, they are available only through TiCTAC but should be available through more partners in the future. We spend some time discussing our thoughts and breakdown on both models as they look quite different for watches that are fairly similar.

SZSB006 and SZSB007


Stowa’s new Friendship Program

Bringing together watch collectors and those looking to purchase a watch, Stowa has introduced their new Friendship Program. This new initiative allows both parties to register online and pairs potential buyers with someone who has the watch that you’re looking for and sets up a meetup so that buyers can try on the watches and get a better experience with it. On top of it, as you register and complete the steps, you accrue points that can be redeemed for swag, customizations, etc. Both of us are thrilled by this idea and would love to see more brands do this as it allows people to see more watches that they would normally not have access to. So far, it seems that the program is only available in Germany, but we are sure it will be more wide spread soon. For more details, check out their website. 


Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic

A new introduction from Timex wraps up our episode for today. Sadly, this watch was overshadowed by all of the hype around the Q Timex release, but it is definitely worth talking about. The Celestial Opulence Automatic comes in at 38mm and is really an amazing option for the woman in your life who is looking for something feminine. The watch features an exhibition case back and floating hour hand which gives it such a unique look. This is a watch that both of us ladies would seriously consider adding to the collection, and we recommend it as a starter automatic watch for the women in your life who are into brands like Daniel Wellington and Michael Kors.


This brings us ladies to our question for this week…

@itsmilleryall asks “From a ladies perspective, what should the watch industry look like so that it caters more to women?”

This is a conversation that we’ve had several times over the week, mostly due to a conversation that our friends Rick and Rikki had on the Scottish Watches Podcast (click here to listen to the episode we re talking about). Both of us really agree that education is the first step in this! So many women seem to be led to quartz watches because that is all they know and no one takes the time to properly educate women on how easy automatic watches are to care for. Another huge industry change needs to be marketing! Look at most advertising, high heels, lipstick, ball gowns…none of these things are practical for most women. We think that there needs to be more of a focus on everyday women showing us how these watches can fit into our lifestyle.


Thank you all for continuing to support us! Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and make sure that you’re subscribed on your media player of choice.

Talk to ya’ll soon!

Kat and Katlen

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