Episode 8: Vegas, Football, and Watches

Welcome to Episode Eight of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Katlen is back from her trip to Las Vegas and we have a lot to talk about today! But before we dive in, let’s get that most honored of traditions out of the way…

Today’s Wrist Watch Check

White seems to be the color of choice for us ladies. Katlen starts it off with the Omega Planet Ocean on the shark mesh bracelet which is her ideal summer watch. While Kat is rocking her Rolex Polar Explorer II, the easy watch to throw on because it goes with absolutely everything.

Vegas Review

We ladies discuss Katlen’s trip to Las Vegas and her watch experience there. While most of the trip was busy and filled with work, Katlen was able to make a few stops at various boutiques in the hotel she was staying in. Firstly Cartier, where showcases were packed with mostly ladies timepieces that little to be desired. Unfortunately, she was not able to see the Blue Santos that we both really like and want to see in person. Katlen’s second stop, Rolex, where she could not believe how empty the showcases were. The boutique in the Wynn is huge and at least half of the showcases were empty. We all see the photos of empty showcases, but seeing it in person really puts the lack of Rolex supply in perspective. We ladies discuss our thoughts behind the Rolex concept and why these boutiques are even needed if they don’t have any merchandise. After receiving terrible service at Rolex, we move onto Katlen’s final stop, Watches of Switzerland. Her goal was to see watches that she would never get to see here in Nashville and Watches of Switzerland did not disappoint So we are here to talk about a few of her favorites.

The Vacheron Constatin Overseas – Admittedly, neither of us ladies are too familiar with the brand so Katlen could not wait to try these on. She was able to look at the traditional collection but the Overseas really caught her attention. At 41mm, it hugged the wrist quite comfortably and really made for quite a fun, sporty look. As we go through this list of her favorites, the Vacheron is possibly the most “safe” and traditional, but it packs a heavy punch in design and finishing.

Click here to learn more about the Overseas

The Big Bang One Click Calavera Catrina by Hublot – This is the watch that neither of us expected to like…but we love it. There are three versions, but the black ceramic is the one that really got Katlen’s attention. The bold colors and strap options are a perfect watch for someone who wants something different. It features gorgeous sapphires around the bezel with a great design on the dial. Another key selling point, Hublot’s “one click” strap design which would be ideal for a lady who wants to accessorize.

Check out the collection from Hublot here.

Freak Out by Ulysse Nardin – Ya’ll…there aren’t enough words to describe how cool this watch is in person. Katlen discusses what intrigues her about the brand and what they have been doing over the last few years. This has to be one of her favorite pieces, just from a technological standpoint. She describes the way that the Freak Out works and how clean the design is, bringing your attention to the details of the movement.

Follow this link to learn more about the Freak Out collection from Ulysse Nardin

Moser’s Endeavor Flying Hours – Speaking of crazy watches that look clean, Moser has been a collection that Katlen has been dying to see. The fume finishing on the dials is truly something that you have to see in person. Kat talks about the fact that they look like smart watches being the reason that she’s not a fan of. This watch has a unique interpretation of a flying hours complication and is most definitely not an easy watch to read. This watch is different, unique, and just breathtaking.

For a better look at what Moser has to offer, check out their website.

Astronomia Zodiac from Jacob & Co – Katlen’s final selection and possibly her favorite! This watch is just breathtaking and may be worth selling her home and being homeless with this on the wrist. Featuring a flying tourbillon, the dial rotates once every ten minutes so that you can truly appreciate the detail in the movement. Katlen goes into more detail about how the movement operates which isn’t as hard to read as you would think. Every detail about this watch has been thought out to immaculate detail and having this on the wrist was just an experience.

Have $280,000 sitting around, check out their website.

Q Timex Re-Released

In case you haven’t heard, the Q Timex was re-released on the day this episode was recorded, Friday September 13th. In case you missed out as it looks like they were all gone in a few hours, it looks like they are releasing more next week so be sire to subscribe to their emails! We discuss our experiences with the Q Timex and what we like about the watch. It is most definitely worth the $180 and worst case scenario, if you get it and don’t like it, you can most definitely get your money back out of it. Be sure to follow their Instagram page and sign up on their website for their 15% off discount code which can be used on any purchase, including the Q.

Is the Seiko Alpinist Making a Comeback?

The rumors are out there, and there seems to be more and more proof of it. Looks like 2020 we can expect three new color options of the Seiko Alpinist with an upgraded movement. We discuss our feelings about the pricing and Kat goes into what she wants to see from the new collection as someone who has had several Alpinists in the past.


…let’s bring on the football talk with Odel Beckham Jr.

One of the bigger stories in horology this week, as well as in sports news in general, has to be the story of Odel Beckham Jr. wearing his Richard Mille 11-03 McLaren Flyback Chronograph. This has to be one of the most “baller” moves of recent times in regards to a watch. To be clear, this is his personal watch and he is not an ambassador or spokesperson of the brand as stated by a Richard Mille PR rep. We go on to discuss our thoughts on the practicality of wearing a watch while playing football as well as whether or not it violates the NFL rule about protruding objects. We know that Richard Mille are known for their watches being made for athletes, but as a football player are you pushing the boundaries with the types of hits you take?

Kat goes on to mention the fact that RM watches are worn in other sports such as tennis, with Raphael Nadal wearing them during his matches, specifically the RM 27-03 Tourbillon. The difference, he is a spokesperson and this is a watch he most definitely did not pay for.

In Other News

Bark & Jack Leather Straps

Our friend Adrian from Bark & Jack has introduced a new line of leather straps and we are ridiculously excited! If you’re in the market for a new nato or leather strap, be sure to check him out. Katlen can vouch from personal experience that his quality is phenomenal and we are incredibly happy for him in this new product!
Check out his website at www.barkandjack.shop

Watch Hunter Podcast Review

Seriously, thank you to Andrew over at Watch Hunter for his amazing review of our podcast. Honestly, the two of us were so incredibly humbled by his kind words and cannot say thank you enough. Andrew is a great writer and you guys should most definitely check out his website.

Read the full article here.

Nomos Metro Rose Gold

A new watch release that we find cool is the new Nomos Metro Rose Gold. Simple and elegant, it definitely has some features that we find absolutely stunning in their minimalist approach.

Browse the timepiece here.

Finishing Things Up With Listener Questions

@brewwatches asks “What are you looking forward to from the microbrand community in the future?”
*Editors Note – Check out their website www.brew-watches.com to see what this exciting microbrand is up to.

@adamontime asks “Wear any 1 watch for the rest of your life, or only be able to wear watches under $300?”

@broke_watch_loving_teacher asks “College football or NFL? Why?”

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Thanks Ya’ll!
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