Episode 7: Big Releases and Small Wrists

Welcome to Episode Seven of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Well, since ya’ll didn’t complain last week about a longer episode, we’ve got another one for you today. The ladies catch up for a bit and talk about Katlen’s upcoming trip to Las Vegas for work. While there, she plans on annoying everyone with all the watch photos that she’ll be posting in the stories on Instagram so make sure you’re following along!

Before we get started, the ladies do a quick wrist watch check.

Katlen is wearing the full metal G-Shock that is still on loan to her from Nashville friend @awatchgram. Seriously, Abhishek is so incredibly awesome to have let her borrow this for so long. She’s trying to enjoy every minute with it before he asks for it back, and she’ll have a hard time handing it back. The ladies discuss their favorite features of the watch, including the weight and how it has the “flashy/sporty” look. There is a G-Shock app that accompanies the watch, but the ladies have no clue what it does (*insert face palm here). Kat brings up a conversation that the ladies had about this watch being available at Topper Jewelers but it had unfortunately sold out before Katlen could get her hands on it. We discuss Kat’s history with G-Shocks and her real appreciation for the collection, even questioning why she wears anything else as it has all the features she most needs for work.

Speaking of chronograph complications, Kat is wearing her birth year Speedmaster reduced 3513. It is quite useful for work as she uses the chronograph complication frequently. The ladies discuss their thoughts on the size in compared to Katlen’s Speedmaster. When deciding on what Speedmaster to get, Kat talks about her preference in the smaller size than the traditional 42mm. It is a watch that Kat likes to wear but doesn’t too much because of the concerns for water resistance and the non sapphire crystal.

The conversation turns to birth year watches as Katlen discusses the idea of getting her son a watch that she holds onto for a while. With no idea what she’s looking for, we are asking the watch fam for ideas on 2006 birth year watches.

After a long wrist watch check, the ladies move into the deeper conversation for today including a few new releases. Once again, we are excited to see brands using the power of social media to launch new releases! We have new watches from Bell & Ross and Oris that were heavily teased this week before finally making their debut. Another brand doing quite a bit of teasing was Tudor with an announcement that everyone thought was a new watch. We may have possibly contributed to that thanks to a photo that was floating around in one of the Rolex forums of what looked like a new chronograph from the brand. It turns out, the release was just a video celebrating their partnership with the All Blacks Rugby Team and their tradition of Haka. Click here to see more details of the partnership and to watch the video.

The alleged new Tudor as posted inthe Roelx forums.

Bell & Ross Introduces the BR05

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen what is possibly the most controversial release lately, the BR05 has taken what seems to be the traditional square case of the BR01 and placed it on a heavily tapered bracelet that is most definitely reminiscent of the Nautilus and Royal Oak bracelets. They’re moving into the “dressy/sports” watch market and it’s causing quite an uproar. A bit smaller than the traditional BR01 at 40mm, it is equipped with their Stellita based 321 caliber and is available in several different options. As far as price point, their most expensive option would be the solid gold on gold bracelet, but the collection begins at $4,900.

The ladies are torn on their thoughts behind it. It gives a great option for people who like the Nautilus, Royal Oak, and even Panerai but makes it affordable and practical. But is it laziness form the brand to just copy so many different styles, taking away from the design that they are most known for? It brings the question…is the lack of production and availability from brands like Rolex, Patek, and AP opening the door for other brands to step in with similar styles at more affordable price points that are actually in stock? We may not like everything about it, but the reality is that they will sell. One of the concerns is definitely going to be the fit of the watch on the wrist. yes, it’s 40mm but the lug to lug is 47mm and the integrated bracelet is definitely going to cause it to wear much larger. The only benefit is that you can switch between the bracelet and the rubber, but the concern is definitely how it will fit on a smaller wrist.

Here’s the reality, this looks like an homage piece. And not that there’s anything wrong with an homage, but who wants to pay $5,00 for one? The ladies go one to discuss their love for the brand and hopes that it doesn’t affect them long term.

Follow this link to view the collection for yourself.

Oris Releases the Big Crown Pro Pilot X Calibre 115

Another one that we don’t have much nice to say about but here we go…Oris has spent the week teasing a new release and we finally have the details. Since we’ve been so negative, we are going to start this one with the thing that we actually like. Firstly, the 10 day power reserve which is phenomenal for a piece at this price point. For someone who rotates through their watches often and doesn’t use a watch winder, this is a dream. The other thing that we can agree to like is the exhibition caseback. That movement is just stunning and Oris have done a phenomenal job with the finishing. Interestingly they have decided to keep much of the movement raw and unfinished, which somehow matches the overall feel of the timepiece. Also, the lume, we can agree to love the lume.

Now onto the things that we don’t like. This is going to be a large wearing watch. It is 44mm and has an integrated bracelet that gives it a huge appearance and looks incredibly bulky. The bezel is described as a jet engine turbine which is apparently how it justifies the “pro pilot” name. Kat brings up her nickname for this watch…”The Terminator”.

We agree to appreciate the movement but that’s about it. Aesthetically it just falls flat for us. Now on to the bigger discussion, price point. At $7,600 is has taken quite a few people off guard and is definitely on the higher side of their collection. But let’s break it down. You have a skeletonized movement, 10 day power reserve, and titanium case/bracelet. The pricing is definitely justified. It’s a watch that we are definitely curious to see in person.

If you want to see a great video on this watch, we highly recommend that you check out the one posted by Horology House. He really makes every watch look phenomenal, even this one.

Nomos Introduces the Four Seasons Tangante

Finally something positive to talk about. Forgive us if we absolutely butcher this…but the Tangante series announced in partnership with Osawa. Maybe taking a cue off of Grand Seiko with their Four Seasons collection, each one is limited to 40 of each. There are four colors for the four seasons but an unusual amount of sizes for each collection. They are very gender fluid in design, but few are in a size larger than 33 or 35mm. Very interestingly, the leather straps are colored by Japanese plants and trees. We’re not sure how serious they are, but it makes for a great story and fits in well with the Japanese culture. The second hand and minute trach are colored to match the dial exactly but we wonder how that will limit your strap options in the future.

They’re pieced between $1.960 and $2,180 which brings up a frustrating conversation. Why is there a price point difference in the same watch just 3mm different. We would understand if there were precious materials used, but for the same watch in just a slightly smaller size, there’s no justification.

Also, both of us are incredibly curious as to how some of you guys practice self control with your watch buying. If you have any tips, please let us know!

Discontinuation of the Seiko SKX

It looks like the rumors are true and Seiko is going to be discontinuing the SKX. It is a tough topic as this is often a collector’s first watch. As collectors, we become very attached to watches that have been around for a long time so it’s definitely hard to let them go. There’s no word on an official time frame, but there are still tons sitting around and available so there’s no need to rush out and stock up or spend over retail for. Curious as to how this will affect those who enjoy modding watches as it is one of the most heavily used for this reason. Yes, there are the new S5’s, but there’s already so many out there that it will be hard to modify them even more This brings Katlen into discussing her interest into modifying watches. It’s a sad day, but I’m sure we will all move on soon to something else.

MVMT Documentary from Teddy Baldassarre

The ling awaited documentary from Teddy Baldassare with MVMT watches has finally come out and the ladies share their thoughts. Both liked it, despite the scrutiny that has come out about it. He clearly had fun with the video which matches the rest of his channel. In all honesty, how could you be serious about an interview with MVMT? Especially considering how much of a joke it turned into. The ladies discuss their frustrations about the guys who were interviewed and how unknowledgeable they were. Let’s be real, they’re a fashion watch…why is the watch community talking about this so much? We are a totally different watch community and shouldn’t care this much about watches that have nothing to do with us.

This was definitely not an informative interview, but definitely provided some entertainment.

Zodiac Partners with Liberty London

Well, this was quite the surprise brought to our attention by the guys over at the Watch With Us Channel.. It looks like Zodiac has designed an Aerospace Sea Wolf in conjunction with fashion house Liberty London. Available exclusively through Liberty London, the watch features a black and purple bezel limited to only 30 pieces. The caseback is customizable with an optional engraving that can be done. The watch definitely offers diversity with a stainless steel strap as well as a nato and black leather strap.

A Little Q&A to Finish Things Up

@the_time_keepers_wrist asks “One watch for the rest of your life. What would you choose?”
We decided be a bit more specific and narrow this down to watches that are currently in our collection as there are way too many options out there and we had 5 minutes to prepare for this.
Kat’s choice, the Explorer II. It has everything she needs – date, GMT, water resistance. On top of being versatile and going with a lot of stuff while looking good on so many strap options.
Katlen’s answer, her Speedmaster Moonphase Moonwatch. It is such a versatile watch in regards to appearance and incredibly iconic. It’s a watch you can feel good and comfortable wearing in any situation.

@stuffandwatches asks “Alot of guys get hung up on size but from a female perspective how important is it that a watch not be too big or too small for a man’s wrist?”
This is a hilarious question in the way that men seem to be so self conscious about the size of their wrist. This is something that neither of us ladies have experienced. What has happened in your lives that you feel so concerned with your wrist size. Honestly, the two us of may not be the best women to ask as we are much more interested in the watch that you’re wearing than the size of your wrist. The ladies go on to discuss that if we saw a watch that is much smaller than a traditional size, it would probably encourage people to ask more questions about the watch. But to answer Josh’s question, no, females don’t care near as much as males do.
Honestly, the two of us are going to judge you much more for the type of watch you’re wearing than how it fits you. Dear men, please stop wrist shaming eachother. ***insert 5 minutes of grade school laughter here from the two ladies. Ya’ll, it really took us some time to pull ourselves together here.

@wes_kwok from Nodus asks “You two are from Nashville so your taste in music must be good. Favorite artist?”
We are so excited about this question which has to be the hardest one yet. We are just going to answer this “favorite artist right now”. Katlen’s answer, Post Malone who just dropped his new album right when this was recorded. But both ladies are all over the place. We listen to a bit of anything and everything! We are definitely going to save ya’ll and not sing some of our favorites. Kat’s favorites right now, 60’s soul music like Otis Redding. Her new favorite, an artist she heard at Live on the Green here in Nashville, Yola. But honestly, most of our lives are consumed by podcasts lately.

Go check out our friends at Scottish Watches who now have their own Facebook group! As the two American moderators, we can assure you that the correct answer to the security question is Legos!

We hope that you all enjoyed this new episode. Be sure to follow us on all of our social media platforms and subscribe to us through your media player of choice.

Have a great week ya’ll!
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  1. It’s interesting to hear your perspectives on the men’s wrist size question, and I can see how it’s a non-issue from a woman’s point of view. A larger watch on a woman’s wrist can actually play up the slimness of her arm, which is often considered a desirable trait by conventional standards of beauty. A large watch on a guys small wrist will also play up the skinniness of his arm, which by contrast, is considered an undesirable trait by conventional standards of “manliness”. Whether this seems ridiculous or not, many guys grow up with certain aesthetic ideals that society installs in us. Then there’s the whole thing with style, what looks refined and what looks tacky. A woman wearing an oversized sweatshirt can often pull it off, but an oversized sweatshirt on a guy can make him look like a child wearing his fathers clothing.

    As a guy with a “small” wrist (6.25”), considering watch sizes is maybe more of a concern for me than maybe a guy with a 7.5” wrist. I should say that I am not personally insecure about my wrist size, nor do I care about how society views me based on it, but I do want a watch that feels balanced relative my wrist size (subjective, I know) and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a dinner plate.

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