Episode 6: Two Kats are Better Than None

Welcome to Episode Six of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

We are “reunited and it feels so good”! Thank you all for bearing with us over the last two weeks while Kat has been away. So much has happened over the last few weeks and we have a lot to talk about so get ready for a ling one…

Before we get started, we definitely want to give a shout out to our friends Rick and Rikki over at Scottish Watches for helping us fill in last week while Kat was feeling under the weather. Definitely check the guys and their podcast out.

As is customary with every episode we ladies start the day with a quick wrist watch check.

Kat is wearing the only watch that she sold and then bought back – the Nomos Club Campus on a Teddy Baldassare leather strap. If you’re looking for a recommendation on what watch to purchase that is under $1,500 this is it! The ladies go on to discuss how the lug design and thinness of the watch makes it look a bit larger on the wrist as well as how versatile the watch is on different strap options.
*editors note – saw the lume on this watch shortly after recording and it is stunning to say the least!

Interested in picking one up or learning more about them? Click here!

Katlen has a new watch and she is incredibly excited – the Nodus Contrail. If you all remember, she spoke about this watch during episode 4 in her 3 watches under $1,500 collection. But wait, wasn’t this sold out…well yes! Katlen goes on to talk about how the guys at Nodus just happened to find one sitting around and reached out to her during a watch club meet up offering it for sale, which she couldn’t refuse. This blue dial definitely is the perfect blue that she’s been looking for, but goes on to discuss that there is still room for a GMT in the collection as it just doesn’t feel right using the 12 hour bezel. The ladies discuss this idea of a “shop local” small town experience in dealing with microbrands.

The Contrail is back in stock. Click here to learn more.

The Tenn & Two ladies discuss that we are both done buying watches through the end of this year! Hold us to it…you heard it here first. Don’t tempt us and keep us accountable.
We come up with a plan until the end of the year to trade watches back and forth in order to keep us from buying new things.

Nashville Watch Club One Year Anniversary Celebration

The ladies attended the one year anniversary celebration of the Nashville Watch Club meetup which was held earlier in August at Martins Barbecue, a Nashville food staple. While Katlen has attended several meetups, this was Kat’s second one and the ladies discuss what they love about the club.

We discuss some of our favorite pieces that we saw including the Paul Newman Daytona 6241 and Daytona 6262 as well as the original 6541 Milgauss which was really humbling to not only see but hold in person. Our other favorites included the Zodiac White Wolf which is ridiculously stunning in person, the Ressence which is ridiculously fascinating. Both ladies were in love with one of the watch club founders, Ray, who brought his newly purchased Calatrava which may or may not have drool on it after Kat handled it. We discuss the wide assortment of steel Rolex models that were available to view at the meetup and Katlen talks about her love and hate relationship with the jubilee bracelet on new sport Rolex models.

Here are just a few of the memories from this amazing night. Portions of these photo credits go out to our good friend and club co-founder @raydipietro

If you aren’t attending local watch club meetups, you should most definitely try to find one online and join. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts and try on watches that you may have never been able to see before or that you may be too intimidated to walk into a boutique and try on. Maybe be responsible and keep up with your watches though! Shout out to @awatchgram for letting Katlen borrow the full metal G-Shock for a while, even if he missed out on taking it to San Francisco.

Kat is looking for a long lost friend from that evening who started telling her about his grandfather’s watch but unfortunately the live music and excitement over the giveaway cut this story short. If this is you, send her a DM because she really wants to know the rest of the history behind this watch!

If you’re from the Nashville Area, make sure that you follow @nashvillewatchclub and send Ray and Andy a message about being added to our mailing list.

These last few weeks have been full of watch news, and we are incredibly excited and have so much to talk about!

The Zodiac Astrographic Limited Editions

If you’ve listened to us at all, you will know that we are huge Zodiac fans right now. Zodiac is absolutely killing the game right now when it comes to limited edition pieces. These are to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Astrographic launched in 1969. We were concerned these were going to be another NASA themed watch, but the collection is totally different and we are loving it. You have the hands that rotate on disks in the center of the dial to give them a floating affect. These were a great vintage throwback that really stays true to the original funky design that is clearly from the late 60s and fits its “watch of the future” label. As of Sunday evening, all but one are completely sold out. Katlen’s downside, the date wheel. First of all, it is randomly placed at 12:00 and has the brightest white color that distracts from the dial. It always seems to be the first thing people dislike about watches, so we are definitely curious as to why brands don’t put more focus on matching them better.

Zodiac may be owned by Fossil now, but honestly it seems like that was a great move. Both ladies have experience with them and are highly impressed with the quality for price! They’re definitely wort looking into if you haven’t already. Click here to check our more from Zodiac.

The space talk continues as we move on to Timex.

Timex Snoopy in Space Collection

What can we say other than these are just so adorable! There have been five versions of the space Snoopy that were released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of moon landing. The most recent release was the Mark I which featured Snoopy with an Indiglo backlight which sold out extremely quickly. While the other four models were priced around $80, the Mark I was priced very reasonably at $125. The timing of these releases seemed to work out well, giving OMEGA their time to shine but still celebrating the momentous occasion. Both ladies have a lot of respect for the brand and what they offer.

More info about the Timex Snoopy in Space can be found by clicking here.

The Timex Waterbury

Timex announced their second automatic watch in the Waterbury collection. There are four different styles in 40-42mm and feature a minimalist style. If you’re trying to get a significant other into watches, these are a great option to compete with Daniel Wellington or Michael Kors watches. The ladies discuss how the familiarity with the brand Timex makes them a great gift. And our favorite part, you can sign up for their email list and get a 15% off coupon immediately.

Shop the Waterbury Automatic collection here.

Now on tohere possibly the biggest news to drop this week in the watch world…

The OMEGA SeaMaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light

True to OMEGA form, the brand teased a new release earlier this week and the watch world was full of speculation. We had a ton of fun with you all on our Instagram stories while you guessed what this new release would be. There were some awesome guesses, and some hilarious ones…honestly many were much closer than Kat and Katlen’s guess which was a vacuum cleaner (if you saw the original photo of what looked like a hose I think you’d understand). Mostly we learned that almost everyone has a strong opinion about OMEGA’s continued release of limited edition moonwatches, but that’s for another time.

Tuesday morning we wake up to the new release…the Ultra Light Aqua Terra. It is available in three colors and made out of gamma titanium which brings its weight to 55 grams (roughly the equivalent of 11 nickels). With this new watch comes a new movement, the 8928 which is OMEGA’s first fully titanium movement that is manually wound. Kat and Katlen discuss their thoughts about the movement being manual wound in a sports watch and go into discussing the technology behind the twin barrel power reserve system.

The watch sounds great right? Let’s move on to discuss it’s biggest downfall! It’s priced at $48,600! The only thing we can guess is that it must be the gamma titanium. There are so many technologies that this watch offers which are cool and offer a great concept, such as the push in and out crown which makes it a more comfortable watch with sports. Kat goes on to talk about her past experience with the 41mm Aqua Terra collection and how it wears a bit too large and heavy for her tastes, but maybe this Ultra Light would fit in better. If you haven’t really looked closely at the strap, do yourself a favor and check it out. Of course, we’ve already done it for you and included a close up of the “little baby watch” design imprinted into it. What was OMEGA thinking?

Katlen brings up the announcement earlier this year of OMEGA’s Ultra Deep which was a concept idea and was insanely cool. But it was a concept and will not be fully produced as originally designed. This is what the ladies believe the Ultra Light should have been. A concept in which new technologies are developed and put into other watches in the future.

Click here to learn more about OMEGA’s Ultra Deep concept watch.

But back to the Ultra Light, if you were going to spend $50,000 on a sports watch, would it even be an OMEGA? Kat brings up the point that the athletes we see advertised with watches are sponsors usually. We don’t know what kind of service history these watches go through and odds are, they’re probably not paying for these services. We discuss the idea that this should have been a concept and we want to see these technologies put into current watches.

Do you think OMEGA is losing fans by doing these releases? Not necessarily but it is definitely making people mad.

If you’re interested in purchasing one, go check out the website here and send it to Nashville so that us ladies can check it out.

And now we are off to our final bit of watch news for today.

The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical Re-Issue

There are brands that are killing the re-issue game and this watch is one of them! Available to purchase exclusively on Revolution’s website. We discuss the size being true to the original at 33mm but the fact that it is 42mm lug to lug allows it to wear larger. Designed after the W10, it really stays true to what the watch is. We discuss our feelings on the idea of “re-issue watches” versus “inspired by watches”. Our only problem with the watch, the price! Retailed between $850 and $890 seems a bit excessive. Kat discusses that it has the same H-50 caliber that can be found in her new Topper limited edition Hamilton which retailed at $600 and came with multiple straps. Given the difference, we are struggling to see where you justify the price point.

We definitely think this is a watch that you need to see in person. It seems a bit small on some pictures and articles but could wear similarly to the tank style watches. We discuss the lack of broad arrow and the difference in the dial versus the original one.

Horology Talk Monthly Photo Contest – Congrats to @halvard.watchman

You have probably heard us talk about the Facebook Group “Horology Talk” a few times on the podcast in which Kat and Katlen both are in. There is a monthly photo contest that runs towards the end of each month that has taken over our lives possibly more than once. Bobby, who runs the photo contest, has asked if we would announce the winners each month and we are more than thrilled to!

After a tough competition, it was a gorgeous capture of Halvard’s Rolex Explorer II that won for the month of August. Congratulations!

Check out his Instagram here @halvard.watchman

…and speaking of Instagram

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Best Wishes,
Kat and Katlen
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  1. Have to disagree on Katlen’s comment on the BLNR on Jubilee. Having had the Milgauss Zblue on Oyster PCL and the BLNR on Jubilee, I have to say the Jubilee is so much more comfortable and isn’t nearly as prone to scuffs. The Oyster PCL just drove me nuts with how easily those polished center links would scuff and kind of detracted from the enjoyment of wearing it. The Jubilee just doesn’t have that issue at all. It’s also more in keeping with the origin of the watch as a commercial pilots watch, which I think should be more refined and not as rugged to reflect the luxury aspect of air travel at the time.

    1. Fair observation. I would definitely agree with the argument of the oyster scratching and being more flashy. Honestly I just don’t like the aesthetics of the jubilee bracelet, never have. That being said I don’t own a watch with either but would probably just wear it on an Everest strap or something like that. High polished center links drive me insane because of scratches. I just prefer it over the jubilee. Thanks for the feedback! – Katlen

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