Episode 4 : Our 3 Watch Collection Under $1,500

Welcome to Episode Four of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

We are extremely excited about this episode as we are doing something a bit different this week. Kat is gone for the week to a land far, far away (Alaska) where she will actually be able to use the GMT function on her gorgeous Explorer. Here’s hoping she has practiced some landscape photos on her new camera! And if not, I guess we will be enjoying tons of new backgrounds for her watch photos.

As customary, we want to begin this episode with a wrist watch check. Today we have the Topper Jewelers Limited Edition Zodiac SeaWolf watches that we were fortunate enough to have been loaned by Rob over at Topper for a few weeks. Honestly, we were both really obsessed with these! Katlen wore the blue version while Kat had the yellow and both ladies were highly impressed with them!

If you are in the Bay area, be sure to check out Topper Jewelers and see Rob! You can also check out their website here.

Just a disclaimer – when we talk about things that were sent in to us from friends, brands, or jewelers, we talk about it because we stand behind it – Kat and Katlen do not sell out. We are fortunate enough to have made many connections in this industry and enjoy trying new things out. If you’re hearing us talk about it, it’s because we like it and would wear it ourselves.

Well guys and gals, this brings us into today’s topic. Since Kat is gone and we are recording this episode a week early, we decided to have some fun! We get tons of questions about our ideal watch collection which just seems like too daunting a task.

Today’s Topic: Our Ideal Three Watch Collection Under $1,500.

Seems easy enough, but it was a tough assignment. It was no help that both ladies had different ideas of what this task meant. Kat has selected three watches that, if you had $1,500 in your wallet, you could purchase. Katlen’s interpretation was three watches that are each under $1,500 (though we are sure that you could probably find all three on a secondary market for under $1,500 so we guess it works). These are our ideas of a three watch collection that we would personally choose for $1,500…so here we go!

With first pick, Kat chooses one of her favorite watches ever, the Seiko Alpinist SARB017.
This is a watch that Kat used to have in her collection and she just absolutely loved it. With 200m water resistance, it was really a do it all watch. Unfortunately they are discontinued, but can still be found online for just a bit more than retail. Kat discusses what happened to hers that she used to have and why it is no longer in her collection.

Though the Sarb017 has been discontinued, here are some listings on Chrono24 if you fancy one for yourself.

Moving on to Katlen’s first pick, the Stowa Fleiger White Classic.
Katlen is drawn to the white dial as it reminds her of the Planet Ocean that gets a lot of wrist time. She discusses the things that really appeal to her about this piece: simplicity of the dial, the fact that it has a date wheel, 40mm case size. You can customize so much about this watch which Katlen would definitely take advantage of, upgrading to the blue steel hands and manual wound movement. If we are talking about a three watch collection, the versatility of design helps make it a solid choice. This is a piece that you can dress up or down depending on the strap option you pair with it.

Check out the Stowa Classic Fleiger here.

Choice number two for Kat, the Junghans Max Bill Automatic
German watches seem to have quite the appeal to Kat and this is no exception. Back in her flipping days, she owned the quartz grey dial and really appreciated the quality and upgraded movement. In selecting the white as her second selection, it’s a watch that would go with a lot of different things. Versatile in the fact that you could take it from leather, to nato, to even a Milanese mesh bracelet and get many different looks out of. The ladies discuss different characteristics of the watch that they like including the dial layout and font.

Click here to learn more about the Junghaus Max Bill Automatic

Second pick for Katlen’s 3 watch under $1,500 collection, the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 300
Important to Katlen in considering a three watch collection, having a sports watch and this Christopher Ward checks all the right boxes for this. Admittedly, she wasn’t as familiar with the brand minus seeing a few pieces online here and there. It wasn’t until Scottish Watches Podcast did an interview with Mike France that she began getting into the brand. One of the things Katlen likes most about the brand is their view on pricing, especially for the quality. While it comes in different sizes, the 42mm is most definitely the preferred size for this. The ladies discuss the logo which has been contemplated by many Christopher Ward fans, as well as their opinions on the hands. Kat brings up the white dial version which makes Katlen second guess herself, but she’s sticking with the black dial and that’s final…we think!

Check out the Scottish Watches interview with Mike France from Christopher Ward here!

Interested in the Trident Pro? Check out their website here.

Quick side note, well outside the $1,500 price point…can we just oooh and aaaah at the Christopher Ward Moonglow for a moment? I mean, this thing is amazing and we want to see it! Seriously, if you are in Nashville and have this watch, please reach out and let us see it and play with it! Pretty please!

Kat’s third and final pick for this imaginary collection: the Traska Free Diver Mint Dial
Another watch that Kat used to own that she regrets selling. With 100m water resistance and a screw down crown, it definitely works for Kat as a diver. There is a scratch resistant coating that helps it retain it’s luster and that new look. Kat explains why she selected this piece over a Seiko for a diver in this price point. The mint green dial stands apart from anything else on the market which is quite impressive. Unfortunately these are currently sold out but there is hope that more will be released at some point. Traska has a really unique logo which appeals to both ladies. With an easy to read, clean dial, this watch offers a lot of bang for the buck and is most definitely a favorite.

It looks like these will be making a comeback soon. Click here to head over to the Traska website.

We’ve made it to the end. Last but not least choice for Katlen, the Nodus Contrail Infinity Blue
In her search for the perfect blue watch, @jumpingjalepeno has stuck out to Katlen with his constant photos of his Nodus contrail. This is most definitely the one. Featuring a 12 hour rotating bezel that can function as a GMT complication, it would be the first in her collection. The blue dial looks absolutely stunning in photographs and contrasts well with the silver bezel. Katlen talks about why she is falling in love with Nodus as a brand, mentioning their interview this past week on worn and Wound in which these young guys discuss their history and concepts behind their design. Heart breaking news, despite friends insisting that this should be her new watch, it is no longer available and Katlen will have to move on to something else. There are so many details to this watch that are well above their price point.

Definitely follow this link and listen to the Worn and Wound interview with Wes and Cullen from Nodus.

Click here to see what Nodus has to offer!

In wrapping up this episode the ladies talk about how similar their selections were! And we promise, we did not share our selections before hand.

We hope that you all enjoyed this episode and how different it was…it was a lot of fun for us and we look forward to having Kat back next week!

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Thank ya’ll for listening and we’ll talk to you again soon.
Kat and Katlen

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  1. Great episode Kat and Katlen. Your podcasts are becoming part of my daily commute in the UK (good job). Just interested to know your take on watch rotation: do you have “weekend watches”? Do you use watch winders? Do you (re) set the day/date or are you not too bothered?

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