Episode 3: One Seiko, Two Seiko, Red Seiko, Blue Seiko…

Welcome to Episode Three of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Before we get started we would like to clearly salute the guys over at Scottish Watches – even though they’re on our bad side and one of them didn’t fully listen to our episode before calling us out (thank you Rikki for having our backs). Apparently American eating habits are not up to Rick’s standards, amongst other things. Check out their recent podcast episode to learn what we are talking about.

Scottish Watches Podcast #62 : Ricks Reunited

Now onto the real topics. Let’s start with the customary wrist watch check.
Today we have Kat with her Rolex Explorer II 16570 while Katlen chose to go down the vintage road with her wear today and brought the Omega Sapphette out

Speaking of vintage watches, Katlen just made another vintage timepiece purchase courteous of eBay. Her find, a vintage Omega ladies Dynamic that needs a bit of love but was too good of a deal to pass up.

The Dynamics are a really neat series of timepieces produced in the late 60s and 70s. If you want to learn more about this funky watch design, check out this article posted by Fratello Watches the day after Katlen made her purchase.
Could this be the perfect sports watch for a lady from the 70’s? We could see it.

So what draws Katlen to vintage pieces lately? She discusses the joy in the hypocrisy of adding them to the collection. On one side she has large men’s watches that are mostly sport, and on the other, these feminine ladies timepieces with a totally different look and feel to them. Kat discusses her love of the Dynamic series as they are funky and unique and brings up the Dynamic III that she had from the late 90’s.

It’s not a watch that you would have expected from Omega which is what makes it so unique. Sadly it isn’t something that you see often from brands like this, but we discuss a few of the more unique, one-off watches that can still be found in Omega’s collection like the Bull Head.

Vintage Omega watches we feel are under the radar: the Chronoscope.

Since we are talking about vintage watches, we are going to go ahead and bring up one of our listener questions.

@alias.stevedan asks “What’s your advice on vintage watch hunting? The lower prices are attractive but how do you also weigh the potential service costs?”
It seems as though a lot of people are getting into vintage pieces as of late so we don’t see pricing staying down. Now you have amazing resources like YouTube videos and Fratello and Hodinkee articles on vintage pieces which take the fear out of vintage shopping, encouraging more people to buy. Then there’s the conversation bout availability of steel sports models now (or lack of) which is driving more people into the search for vintage. Confidence is key! Do your research, partner up with the watch community and even find a local watch maker to talk about your potential purchase and understand their servicing costs. Katlen discusses servicing vintage watches as it looks like her Sapphette is going to have to get sent in as she’s running exceedingly slow. Kat discusses her concerns and fears with the vintage watches but still emphasizes that you need to do your research.

Moving on, we take a moment to talk about our Instagram page which you should be following or you’re a loser. – Just kidding! Please know ya’ll that we are incredibly sarcastic and light hearted. We like to joke around and cut up so don’t take us too seriously, we sure don’t.

Now that you’re following us, we talk about zodiacwatches and a really cool survey they posted on their stories the other day regarding a vote to chose the next Aerospace GMT color combo. In case you missed it, here were the three options which we reposted to our stories in order to get your opinion.

After publishing her choice, Katlen learned that her and Kat’s bond is even stronger than she had thought as Kat also selected option A. The reason, orange and white are the official colors of the University of Tennessee…and in the southern United States, college football is life. *Editors note: GO VOLS!

Just like how we discussed last week, social media is not going anywhere and to see a brand like Zodiac embracing this was phenomenal! They are a brand that’s actually seeking out the input of their consumers before producing a timepiece. It clearly worked because we saw a lot of these stories being reposted and got a ton of feedback ourselves. Shout out to whoever runs Zodiac’s Instagram account for having fun during this time. That person and Katlen joked about how perfect the watch would be for a game day piece and even encouraged Katlen’s suggestion of making a million fake accounts so they could all vote Orange and White (alas, Katlen did not have the time to do this so if it’s chosen and you don’t like it, don’t blame her!)

Are we going to see more of this trend – No says Katlen. The reality is most brands don’t care in her opinion. They’re going to continue to push what they want on us.

We take a few minutes to discuss our experience with Zodiac watches. We were graciously send two of the Topper Jeweler Sea Wolf Limited Edition Rally timepieces to try out.

This was the first time Katlen had worn a Zodiac and she was quite impressed. The ladies discuss the features of the watch that they really adored. Honestly, these pieces were phenomenal and comfortable and we fully approve. They were part of a limited edition series of three, with the “White Wolf” being sold out. You can check out the other two here: Zodiac Seawolf Topper Limited Editions

We discuss the practicality of GMT Functionality and how we would actually use it. Do we set the GMT to UK/Scotland time since there are so many over there that we talk to on a regular basis? Or do we search for an amazing, exotic beach and set the GMT hand to that timezone so that we can think of being there on a Monday afternoon? These are the tough life choices.

This brings us to our next topic and social media announcements: the relaunch of Seiko’s 5 Sports Series…in 27 models.

Dear Seiko and Grand Seiko, please make your websites easier to navigate!

In order to find the collection, you have to find the hidden website made specifically for the Seiko 5. In case you don’t know where to find it, here’s the link so that you don’t have to scour the internet as we did. https://www.seiko5sports.com/en/

A bit of history behind the Sports series – they were originally introduced in 1963 as a value based watch and grew in popularity as a “go anywhere, do anything timepiece”. We get into the original defining characteristics that made the collection so popular before diving into this new series. Both Kat and Katlen agree that the 42mm size is a nice fit for a sports watch that both men and women can wear, but can we discuss Seiko accuracy? +45/-35 seconds per day was quite shocking to learn for Katlen and the ladies discuss their opinions and frustrations on this. Finally, we chat quickly about pricing as there has not been any official price list released as of yet, but Kat gives her predictions.

And now, we dive into the collection, and there is a lot to talk about:

First up, the Sports Series which delivers exactly what you expect out of a sports watch. Brushed casing and bracelets, rugged looking, and all steel with the exception of two models that have what appears to be a DLC coating.
Seiko 5 Sports

Secondly, we have the Suits Series which are a bit weird with this mesh bracelet designated as a “suit” style. We are however a fan of the faux-tina on the dials.
Seiko 5 Suits

We’re going to quickly discuss this third series, Specialist, and ask what on Earth was anyone thinking with this leather infused rubber strap design? Seriously, click on the link and zoom in to see what we are talking about. Simply put, this is a no for us! But there are 23 more to choose from with the Seiko 5 series.
Seiko 5 Specialist

On to the Street series. We may not agree on whether or not the markers and hands on one model are hot pink or red, but we do agree that we love these!
Seiko 5 Street

Finally we introduce the Seiko Sense collection which just consists of two pieces with these weird textured dials.
Seiko 5 Sense

All in all, we are fans of the collection. There’s 27 options so there is something for everyone and we cannot wait to check them out in store.

Finally, we ladies discuss the idea behind an email that was sent to Kat from Stowa promoting the idea of couple’s watches (also referred to by Stowa as “friendship watches”. We discuss our opinions on the topic.

Katlen opts for the idea of sharing watches as her idea of “couples watches”. Why not have #allthewatches? This seems like a great way to double the collection and everyone gets more watches to enjoy.

Stowa does a great job in pointing out that so many of their watches are available in multiple sizes. We discuss that it’s a great way to get women into the hobby because we are, as much as we don’t like to admit it, a bit sentimental at time. And why not justify a new watch purchase?

One last “screw you” to Rikki at Scottish Watches for making Katlen self conscious about her hands. Though we have now mentioned their podcast specifically at least three times and will be expecting our royalty checks to be dropped in the mail soon! Have you guys posted this ominous “hit 1,000 YouTube subscribers” video yet? You’ve got all of us waiting!

Please continue to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! And make sure you’re subscribed to our podcast through your provider of choice and leave us feedback! Give us all the stars!

Thanks ya’ll!
Kat and Katlen

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  1. Hello Kat & Katlen,

    Sorry for a late response. Probably you can check out thetimetellershop for vintage pieces. Jory is the man behind and he hand pick himself all the vintage pieces, send it for service to a professional watchmaker and best part comes with a year warranty. This eliminates worries especially to those new in this space. Jory has a YouTube channel too The Time Teller.

    Oh if you have a particular vintage piece on the hunt, you can put in a request to thetimetellershop as well. Pretty cool.

    Hope this helps.


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