Episode 2: Watches and Adventures


Welcome to Episode Two of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Before we dive in we want to thank each and every one of you! All of the love and support that we have received from our first episode has been overwhelming and quite humbling. We have done our best to answer every comment and message sent to us, but if we missed you, please know that we appreciate it and the feedback. We are definitely here for the long haul!

Here’s hoping that the audio quality this week is even better than last week’s due to the amazing feedback from you guys and to Kat’s awesome husband for making us sound boards where we get to record in a grown up fort.


Before we get too deep into today’s conversation, we start with the wrist watch check:

Katlen with her new grab and go favorite, the Nodus Retrospect. This watch is serious quality for the investment and is really taking up a lot of wrist time as of late. And can we take a moment to talk about that lume! Lustworthy. Note: the second generation is now available and definitely worth a glance!  https://www.noduswatches.com/retrospect/

Kat brings to the table the Timex Q Reissue which is absolutely stunning in person. For a sub $200 watch it’s a fantastic buy and so much fun. Word is that more will become available in September and we cannot wait! You can be added to their email list through the link for updates. https://www.timex.com/q-timex-reissue-38mm-stainless-steel-bracelet-watch/Q-Timex-Reissue-38mm-Stainless-Steel-Bracelet-Watch.html


Update – we spoke too soon and our recording falls apart. Please keep in mind that neither of us do anything close to this for a living so bear with us as we try to push through. Though albeit, a little frazzled after an hour of troubleshooting.


Moving on…


Kat wants to take a moment and clarify her self description of the term “watch flipper”. This seems to be a touchy subject in the watch community and due to receiving several messages about it, she further describes what the term means to her. Is it because of the Rolex “flippers” that the idea of taking a watch you don’t love and selling it has become taboo? She’s not here to make money off of them, just wants to find that watch that she’s in love with. (don’t we all)


Katlen just got back from her trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee where she spent a few days out in the mountains. If you remember from last podcast, she discussed only bringing her G-Shock since it was a short trip, being spent mostly doing outdoors things, and in a city where there’s not a lot of places to go to justify wearing nice watches. After last week’s response and the conversation with Kat, she decided to leave the G-Shock and brought the Planet Ocean and Nodus Retrospect.

Shock, Katlen wore the Planet Ocean while hiking and all (though she wishes she had brought the rubber strap, that bracelet got a bit snug with all of the hiking) which brings up the discussion of do you wear your watches while doing real world activities? The answer, yes! (but we may be hypocritical at time).  Build memories with your watches.

Maybe just keep a watch on your surroundings when you take your watch photos and be aware of the fact that you’re drawing attention to yourself.

We hope others understand the pain of leaving your “children” at home. Check out @waterproofmoonwatch for some Speedy in the water posts that are stressful and incredible.


Kat discusses her new found curiosity in adding a G-Shock to her collection. Katlen suggests the 5600 series as a solid choice for a ladies piece because who wants to walk around with a watch called “Baby G”?



In other news, or in spite of the fact that there is not much new watch news to report this week, we discuss a few things that caught our eye and are worth taking a glance at.

Kat mentions two videos that caught her attention this week. The first being the newest addition from Horology House and spotting a fake Rolex versus the real thing.

It’s a scary world we live in as watch collectors and we have to do our due diligence when purchasing watches second hand. Buy the seller! Make sure they have feedback and have been around for a while. This reminds Katlen of another video posted earlier this summer about spotting a fake Daytona from Watchfinder.

Another video worth checking out is Hodinkee’s newest Talking Watches with David Williams who is a Canadian NASA Astronaut. He talks about some incredibly cool watches and how everything in his collection serves a purpose. Definitely worth checking out!

Having been out of town for much of the week, Katlen wasn’t able to keep us as much but did come across an interesting video from Clockbait regarding the Speedmaster Professional versus the Speedy Reduced. We discuss our personal opinions on this as it is a conversation that we have had several times over the last few months when Kat was considering a Reduced purchase.



Finally we want to answer a couple of questions that were asked of us this week.

@stuffandwatches asks our thoughts on the influence of social media on the industry and on watch hobbyists? Firstly, you need to follow Josh as he is doing these great Instagram live videos every other week with awesome content. This is a great questions as we start to see alot of “traditional” brands branching into the world of social media with huge marketing pushes. From an industry standpoint, brands are learning to know what we like by seeing what we are commenting on through Instagram. On top of the fact that brands are starting to sell on Instagram and announce things there first. Want to know what’s going on in the watch world, follow every brands social media account.

As far as influence on collectors, it’s definitely there. We are surrounded by posts and pictures of these watches everywhere. Katlen talks about how she discovered her Nodus thanks to a growing Instagram account @halfwatchtuesday in which she first fell in love with it and ultimately purchased from the person she originally saw it from. The Timex Q being a great example of a watch whose sales were driven by social media. As a hobbyist, it is hard not to buy what you see. It’s a double edged sword as we are able to get a great feel for these watches without trying them on first through the hundreds of various photos. We’ve no shame in asking “What are you wearing? What’s your wrist size?”. Social media isn’t going anywhere and it works. We are all social influencers in this hobby.

@watchwithuschannel asks “What’s one piece of advice you would give to a woman starting her own collection?” Which is really the same advice we’d give to anyone starting your own collection – Find what you absolutely love. Ask yourself what your everyday life looks like and how it will fit into that. Do your research if you aren’t able to check it out in person. Look at forums but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Try things on, make lists of pros and cons, whatever you need to do to find that perfect watch that suits you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to keep things as they’re sold. If this is your first piece, changing straps is a great way to add versatility. As a woman, don’t be afraid to buy a man’s watch.

Thank you for the questions and please keep them coming!


And that’s a wrap! Thankfully as the hour we spent trying to fix our audio mid recording has left us a bit frazzled and off our game. Things will get better! Bear with us and send us feedback. Shout out to Rikki with @scottishwatches for helping us out a ton and to @indianwatchcommunity for the audio tips. #watchfam is really the best fam!


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Thanks Ya’ll!

Kat and Katlen 






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5 thoughts on “Episode 2: Watches and Adventures

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  1. Love the episode. I have one of the Blackout 5600 G-Shocks on the black bracelet – cheaper alternative to the metal versions, but contains the same module. Keep up the fantastic stuff.
    Question for the next episode – if availability/money was no barrier – what is one of your grail watches?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Adam! This question has been asked several times now so definitely something we’re going to have to discuss. We hope you continue to enjoy.

  2. If you really want the Speedmaster looks but in (just a bit) smaller format AND WITH an automatic movement, check the Bell & Ross BR V2-94 BLACK STEEL. € 3900 on leather at the AD. 100 m depth rating with screwdown pushers, sadly no 12 hour chronagraph counter but a date, might be the one for you.

    I think this B&R it’s too expensive compared to the SpeedMaster Pro (€ 4600 on leather) which remains the real deal, and you cannot compare B&R to Omega, but once again, each one has different inclinations and priorities.

  3. Great shows!! One thought is to post the names of the watches you are talking about. Like the wrist check in episode 2; I never understood the name of either of your watches! I’m born and raised in TN and still missed it after replays. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be sure to be a bit more specific in the show notes in case it’s missed. Glad you’re enjoying them and hope you continue to listen.

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