Episode 1: Introduction


Welcome to the Tenn & Two Podcast! We have a very special show for ya’ll today. Since it’s our very first episode, we wanted to chat a little about ourselves, how we got started in this crazy watch hobby and what’s drawn us together to start this podcast. You’ll hear stories like what makes a watch a keeper in both of our collections, to hearing our frustration with the watch industry’s take on ladies watches. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

Show Notes

What would a proper discussion about watches be without first taking part in a wrist watch check…

On Katlen’s Wrist – 42mm white Omega Planet Ocean with vintage inspired Omega shark mesh bracelet (watch reference

On Kat’s Wrist – her gorgeous new Rolex Explorer 16570 that seems to be “the one”


We then talk about the watches that started this love of horology for us.

For Katlen, it was the Omega Aqua Terra, her first luxury watch







While Kat shares the story of searching for her first watch using forums as reference until she came across the Seiko SKX013

Seriously, if you’re starting out as a collector, forums are the best source of information! Kat’s favorite:



While getting into our personal stories of how we began colleting timepieces, we go ahead and answer two questions from our listeners. This will be a part of our weekly episodes so make sure you submit your questions to us!

Do you think there is a market for a better variety of watches for females? As in more automatic/hand wind watches?


What are your personal criteria for watches you buy and keep? What makes a good collection to you


In discussing our views on women’s timepieces and the lack of industry awareness, we emphasize two brands that are really doing this right in terms of gender neutrality. Nomos and Fears clearly see the importance of inclusiveness when it comes to who is wearing their timepiees.


Fears Watches


We finish up with a discussion on why we are doing this and what we hope to bring to the table.


We want to take a moment and thank you all for the support and encouragement that you have given us since we first announced this new venture. mYour kind words have been overwhelming and honestly, quite humbling.

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