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Greetings ya’ll from Nashville, Tennessee. We are most humbled that you have found your way here to this new podcasting adventure that we are embarking upon and hope that you will continue to follow us along this journey. Forgive us, where are our manners? Our names are Kat and Katlen and we are Tenn & Two. Simply put, we are two Tennessee women exploring the exciting world of Horology. So here we are, our very first post for this new endeavor. It only seemed right that we take a bit of time to introduce both ourselves and Tenn & Two so that you can know exactly what you’re getting yourself into (though, admittedly, we aren’t too sure ourselves how far down this rabbit hole may take us).

Without further ado, meet Kat and Katlen…

“When I think about how I got into watches, I think about my fascination with them as a kid. I was always jealous of my brothers digital Casio’s while I was stuck with a rainbow dialed analog Timex (not that there’s anything wrong with that of course) but I wanted the Casio that could time things, light up in the dark, and set my morning alarm. I was jealous no doubt, but I had other 8 year old things to worry about than my fascination with a watch. Fast forward twenty years later and I find myself so deep in the world of watches that I probably don’t go an hour in a day without thinking of something watch related. A couple of years ago, I set out to find “couples” watches for me and my husband’s anniversary. A little research led me to automatic watches and honestly, it’s been all downhill from there.”

“In the last two years, I’ve bought and sold so many watches that I have a hard time keeping count. My style of collecting definitely falls into the “flipper” category, which has its benefits but also its downfalls. I’ve dedicated myself to watch forums, Facebook pages, and my Instagram account and have come to realize there just aren’t many women in this hobby. It is always a frustration of mine when I see guys in the groups ask for watch recommendations their significant other and the typical answer is to get her a quartz, make sure that it’s smaller than 32mm, and “blingy”. What’s worse is that this seems to be the mindset of the watch industry as well. While some women definitely appreciate these things, times have changed and I want to make it my personal mission to change the world’s perspective of what women appreciate and desire in a watch. Once I met Katlen at a Nashville Watch Club meet-up, I knew I had to get this podcast rolling and she was the perfect partner to start one with. Like myself, she has an appreciation for watches that have a purpose and history, and we’re both incredibly excited to start this journey with everyone.” Kat   (IG @a_girl_and_her_watch

A few of Kat’s favorite pieces in her collection…

“As I am sitting here thinking about where I am in this hobby, I can’t help but think about the beginning of it all. Growing up, my grandfather had a collection of wall clocks that he had brought with him back to the States when he was stationed in Germany.  I remember spending many Saturday mornings with him, drinking the “coffee” my grandmother would make me while helping him wind his clocks.  I remember the time he spent with each one and the pride he had, taking a few minutes to clean them as he carefully wound them all. If my childhood had a sountrack, the chorus of a dozen wall clocks chiming at my grandparent’s home would definitely be on the playlist. Fast forward a lot of years later and my passion for timepieces has made these memories that much more precious to me”

“I started working in the watch industry about seven years ago and I’ll admit, it was just a job in the beginning. As I quickly dug into the subject deeper, I became obsessed with the world of Horology. I’d find myself completely immersed in as much information as possible about movements, history, design, really anything I could find. I was hooked and this hobby has turned into an all out passion. I consider myself fortunate enough to own several great timepiece, but as you all know, it’s never enough! My collecting leans towards pieces that are labelled as “mens” watches (for the same reasons Kat mentioned above) and I tend to hold onto my watches instead of flipping them (mostly because I’ve got quite the soft spot for them all). I’m a huge fan of accessorizing watches, always changing up straps and bracelets on my watches to get different looks. Like the rest of us, I’m always on the hunt for that next piece and look forward to seeing where this new journey takes us.”Katlen   (IG @ katlenschmidt)

A few of Katlen’s favorite pieces in her collection…

Imagine that, having two horology loving woman by the same nickname in the same city…random right? And quite confusing to those who spent months thinking that we were the same person, it definitely made for many laughable moments both online and in person at local watch club meetups. Through the beauty of social media, we two Kats were introduced to one another and finally met in person last month. We laughed, we talked watches, and Kat brought up this crazy idea about two women doing a watch podcast. A short time later and this is where we find ourselves.

Horology is unqiue in the way that it attracts and brings together so many different people from diverse backgrounds with varied tastes and budgets. It is an ever-changing world of possibility; technology changes, materials change, designs change, and the industry in and of itself changes. Here at Tenn & Two, we hope to offer a different perspective about this exciting world. We are truly passionate about watches. Dare I say,  we may even be considered “watch geeks”. Our goal is to create a platform in which any and every one can fins a little something regardless of where you are in your watch journey. We won’t always be right, we won’t always agree, and you may not always like what we have to say, but we are here for conversation and education. Our hope is that you can find and take away a little something from each podcast episode that you listen to and each article that you read.

That being said, the only way that this is successful is through YOU! Interact with us! Leave us feedback and suggestions. Tell us a bit about yourself and where you are in your horological journey. If you like what you’re seeing and hearing, please share with your friends and on your own social media accounts. Be sure to follow us everywhere (seriously EVERYWHERE)!   

This is a journey for us all and we look forward to seeing where it takes us!

A special thanks to every one of you who has encouraged us since this idea began. The outpouring of support and help from so many people has been absolutely incredible and humbling and we know that this could not have happened without you all!

Until next time!

Bye Ya’ll!

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two

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  1. Congratulations to you ladies for this much expected entry in the watch media scene.

    One idea for a future episode : is simplification a new trend ? We have seen the Breitling Navitimer 41 and the non-heritage Autavia both lose the chronograph function. Is this the way to expand the appeal of those brands ? Happy to get your views.


    1. Firstly, thank you! The support we have received is quite overwhelming and humbling. That’s a phenomenal topic and we will definitely discuss that at some point.

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